Zürich-the most livable European city

Despite having a small population (about 400,000 people), Zürich is one of the most important world financial centers, one of the richest European cities, and for years it is in the top 10 places best for a living.

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This largest Switzerland’s town is located in the northwestern end of Lake Zürich and the Limmat River. It is surrounded by hills, while the highest peak Uetliberg (870m) offers breathtaking views to the city. It is also a favorite weekend resort for local people. Uetliberg is connected to the city by rail, and trains depart from the main train station every half hour (driving takes about 20 minutes).

If you’re planning to visit Zürich, you’ll be thrilled with a number of walking and cycling routes. Its famous restaurant at the Uto Kulm Hotel has high prices, so if you travel on a tight budget, a better option would be a picnic in your own direction. Nature lovers will also enjoy the lake, and walking through a beautiful Promenade, which is especially popular in the summer months.

In Zürich, you’ll be able to visit the remains of the Celtic and Roman settlements where was later built the Carolingian palace of Ludwig II of Germany. Today the square represents an oasis of peace where you’ll get a great view of the city.

Old town streets are pleasant for walking and sightseeing, while traditional cottages contain numerous cafes and restaurants.

If you are in a shopping mood, Bahnhofstrasse is one of the most famous and most expensive shopping streets in the world which stretches from the main train station to the lake. Here you can buy everything – from handmade chocolates to expensive diamond jewelry, and the two most popular department stores are Globus and Jelmoli.

Zürich West is a former industrial part of the city, which has been completely renovated in recent years and has become the center of cultural events and nightlife.

What is a Zürich Card?

Zürich Card is a city card that allows tourists to use the city transport (trams, buses, trains, boats, and cable cars) for 24 hours or 72 hours, River Limmat cruise, free entrance or purchase of tickets with a discount for 40 museums, 50% discount on tour through the Old Town, and many other amenities.

The price of the 24 hours card costs 27 francs, while the 72 hours card costs 53 francs. I highly recommend you to visit the National Museum where you’ll find a well documented Switzerland’s cultural history (the entrance is free with Zürich Card).