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Van Halen

Van Halen (formed in 1974) is a seminal and world-renowned hard rock band with heavy metal influences, led by the refined guitar-playing prowess of Eddie Van Halen, hailing from Pasadena, California, U.S.

Born the sons of Dutch musician Jan Van Halen, brothers Edward and Alex Van Halen began playing music together in the 1960s. Initially, with Eddie on drums and Alex taking guitar responsibilities, the brothers swapped after Eddie grew tired of Alex playing on his drum kit. The pair’s first group, The Broken Combs, formed in the early ‘70s, with the brothers raising their profile in the subsequent bands The Trojan Rubber Co. and Genesis.

Genesis subsequently became Mammoth and ultimately Van Halen in 1974. By this time David Lee Roth had joined as lead vocalist and Mark Stone on bass, and the group was beginning to cause a stir in the local area playing parties and clubs in Pasadena and Hollywood. Following a successful show at Gazzarri’s, Van Halen became managed by Mark Algorri and Mario Miranda and crafted an early demo tape. Despite a second demo recording session with Kiss’ Gene Simmons, a deal with Kiss management failed to surface and the group subsequently signed with Warner Bros. in 1977.

The band’s debut, self-titled album was released in February 1978 and peaked at No. 19 on the Billboard 200. Aided by the singles “Runnin’ with the Devil”, “Eruption”, “You Really Got Me”, and “Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love”, the extolled record catapulted Van Halen to national notoriety. The band’s sophomore, “Van Halen II” followed in 1979 and spawned the group’s first hit single “Dance the Night Away”. With the arrival of the ‘80s Van Halen expanded their fan base as well as discography with the albums “Women and Children First” in 1980 and “Fair Warning” in 1981.

By this time tensions had risen between Roth and Eddie regarding the direction of the band, nonetheless, in 1984 Van Halen enjoyed their greatest commercial success with the album “1984”. Featuring the band’s smash hit single “Jump”, which proved to be their first and only No. 1 single, the record rose to No. 2 on the Billboard 200 behind Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”. Marked by electronic excursions with prominent use of Eddie’s synthesizer, the album garnered widespread critical acclaim and spawned the subsequent singles “I’ll Wait”, “Panama”, and “Hot for Teacher”.

David Lee Roth was kicked out the group later in 1984 and was replaced by Sammy Hagar, formerly of the band Montrose. The new lead singer’s debut was on 1986’s “5150”, which shot straight to No. 1, spawning the singles “Why Can’t This Be Love”, “Dreams”, and “Love Walks In”. The No. 1 studio albums “OU812” and “For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge” followed before the band issued the live double album “Van Halen: Live: Right Here, Right Now” in 1993. Following the No. 1 album “Balance” in 1995 tensions between Eddie and Hagar grew to unworkable levels and Eddie kicked Hagar from the band. The guitarist subsequently re-hired Roth for two songs on their “Best Of, Vol. 1”, before ultimately disposing of him again and hiring Gary Cherone.

The record “Van Halen III” arrived in 1998 which despite charting at No. 3 on the Billboard 200 soon fell-off and proved the band’s worst-selling album. Cherone was later fired and Van Halen’s progress stalled until 2004 when Hagar returned for an American tour to promote a new greatest hits collection. Featuring Eddie’s son Wolfgang on bass and the return of Roth, the band embarked on their most successful tour in 2007 before heading to the studio in 2012 to release the album “A Different Kind of Truth”.

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Van Halen
with Hendrix
Sapphire Room, Riverside Hotel, Boise, ID, US

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Van Halen
Newport Hotel, Fremantle, WA, Australia

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Van Halen
with Poison’us
Amplifier Bar, Perth, WA, Australia

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