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Hailing from Los Angeles, US, T.S.O.L (True Sounds of Liberty) have enjoyed a career of over thirty years, as one of the most popular hardcore punk bands of the California, US scene.

The band came together in 1978, after the four youngsters, Jack Grisham (vocals), Ron Emory (bass), Mike Roche (bass) and Todd Barnes (drums) began playing together, having previously being in the band, Vicious Circle. The band gained infamy and a loyal local following quickly, with their shows often ending in riots, fueled by their signature gothic punk sound. Releasing their eponymous EP and debut album, “Dance With Me,” they established their prowess on the scene, playing alongside the likes of The Damned, the Dead Kennedys and Bad Religion, with their music influencing the likes of the Misfits and the Lords of the New Church.

Moving to the record label, Alternative Tentacles, T.S.O.L released “Beneath the Shadows,” an album that moved their gothic hardcore to operatic levels worthy of Meat Loaf, gaining mass critical acclaim despite their radical change. After a lineup change, with vocalist Joe Wood and drummer Mitch Dean replacing Grisham and Barnes. The band continued to tour extensively, borrowing the Dead Kennedys’ van for a nationwide tour. In 1987, another significant change in the band’s sound came with “Hit and Run, moving towards the hair metal of Poison, donning leather jackets and alienating fans in the process. T.S.O.L’s hair metal fazes continued with 1990’s “Strange Love,” with Emory and Roche soon leaving the band, unhappy with this change in direction.

The original members formed a new group, T.S.O.L: The Original Members, releasing a live album under this name. A resurgence in the band’s popularity came in 1996, after Slayer covered several of their songs, prompting the original members to fight to take back their name and reestablished their hardcore sound. With Grisham back behind the mic, “Disappear” came out in 2001 on Nitro Records, reaffirming their presence on the punk scene. They continued releasing albums into 2003, with “Divided We Stand,” before again laying down their instruments in 2006. They again returned in 2008, continuing to perform regularly and embarking on tours internationally in 2013, traveling to Brazil, Sweden, Germany, Austria, amongst others,

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