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Ramble Jon Krohn better known by his stage name RJD2, is an American hip hop artist originally from Ohio who has been members of Soul Position and MHz Legacy.

His bizarre stage name has roots in a nickname given by a friend who often referred to Ramble as Rjd2 in his own music so Krohn decided to continue his projects under the pseudonym from his beginnings in 1993. He got a record deal in 2002 and released the critically acclaimed debut album ‘Deadringer’, publications including Pitchfork praised the rapper for his intelligent hip hop and electro sound . Shortly after this Ramble began Soul Position with rapper Blueprint and released a collaborative album the following year.

He alternately released albums of his own original work and music with Soul Position over the next few years, his second album ‘Since We Last Spoke’ peaked at #128 on the US Billboard charts. In 2006 the rapper collaborated with hip hop artist Aceyalone to release the album ‘Magnificent City’ which was another critical success. In 2007 he released ‘The Third Hand’ which was Krohn’s second appearance on the US charts, it included the single ‘You Never Had It So Good’.

Despite being involved with numerous other projects including Soul Position and MhZ, Ramble has released six solo albums and one collaborative album with vocalist Aaron Livingston under the pseudonym Icebird. He has also produced music for the likes of Massive Attack, Cage and Diverse over his long career.

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