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Inspired by the likes of The Clash and The Specials, seminal punk band Rancid hailing from California, US formed in 1991 rising from the prominent San Fran Bay punk revival of the ’90s and have inspired a generation of post-punk musicians.

Started by best friends Tim Armstrong (guitar) and Matt Freeman (bass) whose mutual love for ska and punk saw them play in various ska/punk outfits together. Battling an alcohol addiction, Freeman created the band as a distraction for his buddy Armstrong and the rest is history. The line-up was completed shortly after inception by drummer Brett Reed later in 1991 and took to performing live in the local area before releasing their debut self-titled EP via Lookout! Records. The release of the EP caught the attention of Epitaph Records boss Brett Gurewitz (Bad Religion) who offered a lucrative deal which ensure the band maintained the majority creative control.

In 1993 Rancid would release their eponymous self-titled debut album with new label Epitaph. The album presented the world with Rancid’s definitive punk rock sound infused with hints of British punk elements and upbeat hardcore sensibilities. Spawning off iconic tracks such as “Hyena”, “Outta My Mind” and “Rats in the Hallway”, the trio embarked on their first national tour to support its release. Adamant to add a second guitarist, the band pursued Slip’s Lars Frederiksen and after a few refusals and the disbandment of Slip, Frederiksen would join as a touring member later that year before becoming instated as a permanent member.

With subsequent album releases, the band would steadily gain mainstream success as the 1994 release of “Let’s Go” saw them achieve their first gold certification with the lead single “Salvation”. The album sparked up so much label interest that Rancid found themselves smack bang in the middle of a bidding war, after much consideration, the band decided to stick with Epitaph. After the release of the platinum album “…And Out Come The Wolves” in 1995, the band scored huge radio success with the singles “Ruby Soho”, “Time Bomb” and “Roots Radical”. Taking a brief break, Armstrong launched Epitaph subsidiary Hellcat, whilst Freeman continued playing with various bands and Freeman took his hand to production.

Returning with the album “Life Won’t Wait” in 1998 filled with special guest appearances from The Specials, Agnostic Front and Hepcat saw Rancid amass a substantial and dedicated following. Their 2003 hiatus allowed the band to work on various side projects as Armstrong worked on his band The Transplant’s with blink-182’s Travis Barker while Freeman enjoyed a brief stint with punk band Social Distortion.

2006 saw Rancid say farewell to Reed and welcomed Branden Steineckert as they resumed touring before releasing their seventh studio album “Let the Dominoes Fall” in 2009 which saw them peak at number 11 in the Billboard album charts. With over two decades with of musical history, Rancid have solidified their position as punk legends producing iconic hits and standing firm on the punk-rock foundations they have built.

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