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Millencolin is a Swedish skate and punk rock band formed in 1992 by members Nikola Sarcevic, Mathias Färm, and Erik Ohlsson, from Örebro, Sweden.

Derived from the skateboarding trick called the ‘melancholy’, Scandinavian band Millencolin came together from various punk rock bands around the area. Originally conceived as a Swedish-language group, inspired by the likes of Operation Ivy, the Descendants and NOFX the group switched to English speaking and recorded a ten-song demo entitled “Goofy” in 1993. Before long the need for a second guitarist became obvious and the line-up was cemented as vocalist and bassist Nikola Sarcevic, guitarists Erik Ohlsson and Mathias Färm and drummer Fredrik Larzon.

The band’s subsequent demo caught the attention of label Burning Heart who signed Millencolin to release the single “Use Your Nose”, which the success of led to the EP “Skauch” in July 1994. The band’s first major album release arrived in 1994 with “Tiny Tunes” rereleased under the name “Same Old Tunes” in 1996 following pressure from Warner Bros.

The band’s sophomore album “Life on a Plate” was released in 1995, after which the band embarked on their first tour of Europe supporting California’s Pennywise. Millencolin then signed with Epitaph Records who released their subsequent album “For Monkeys” in 1997.

The new millennium brought new things for Millencolin who released their fourth LP “Pennybridge Pioneers” in 2000, which swelled the group’s popularity and was followed by an extensive period of touring in the U.S., Europe and Australia, including stops of the Punk-o-Rama and Warped Tours. A year later in 2001, the band released an EP titled “No Cigar” followed by their next full-length “Home from Home” in 2002, which features the singles “Kemp”, “Man or House” and “Battery Check”.

In 2005 Millencolin won the award for Best Swedish Rock Release for their album “Kingwood”, the album charted at No. 2 in the Swedish chart and marked a return to the band’s punk rock roots. In 2008 Millencolin released their seventh studio album “Machine 15” and have enjoyed consistent popularity affording the band worldwide tours including Canada and South America.

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