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Madlib’s (born Otis Jackson Jr. on 24 October 1973) occupational positions in the music industry has been just as multifarious as the monikers he embraces. He is perhaps best known as a DJ, but has become equally renowned for his talent as a producer and rapper.

Jackson was born in Oxnard, California, US to a family overflowing with musicality. In particular his parents were huge influences. His father mastered the techniques of jazz and blues while his mother, Sinesca worked as both a guitarist and songwriter. Many of the classic hard-bop cuts spliced into Madlib’s recording, could very well reference the impact of his uncle, the highly celebrated jazz trumpeter Jon Faddis. His younger brother Michael ‘Oh No’ Jackson is also involved in music, acting as a hip-hop producer and rapper. Jackson’s artistic sensibilities thrived in this environment and were continually reinforced through his family’s values. Likewise his acute technical proficiency can to some extent be attributed to his constant exposure to the recording studio, which he received through his father.

Jackson became very interested in hip-hop during his teenage years and by 1990 he had started the project, Madlib. Jackson surrounded himself with likeminded rappers and began creating material with these affiliates under the name CDP. Though CDP acted as a medium in which Madlib would get his start as a working musician, he did not make his first official release until he joined the rap group Lootpack.

With Lootpack he went on to produce several tracks on the Alkaholiks’ debut album “21 & Over” as well as their 2 proceeding albums: “Coast II Coast” and “Likwidation” (all which broke into the Billboard 200). It was not until 1995 that Madlib put out a studio EP of his own with Lootpack. Through this act he released the 12’ EP “Ill Psyche Move”. The album was released by Jackson’s father and gained a strong cult status, eventually catching the eye of Stones Throw Records’ owner Peanut Butter Wolf. Madlib eventually joined the label, releasing much of his material through it.

Lootpack released their studio debut “Soundpieces: Da Antidote” in 1999 to widespread acclaim. The album featured a wide range of diverse samples and had one of it’s tracks “Whenimondamic” placed in the soundtrack of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 4.

Throughout the 2000s Jackson released multiple solo studio albums in addition to several collaborative releases. Under the alias Quasimoto he put out the 2000 release “The Unseen”. This album was created during a week long mushroom binge and incorporated many jazz references. That same year Madlib’s EP “Madlib Invazion” came out and featured guest rappers such as Wildchild, Oh No and Declaime.

In 2001 Jackson changed gears, releasing a sprawling 67 minute jazz album “Angles Without Edges” under the alter ego Yesterday’s New Quintet. Jackson continued to channel his energy of Jazz music with his new project “Shades of Blue”, a remix album built exclusively from Blue Note’s recordings and likewise released through the label. This album saw release in 2003 as did Madlib’s joint effort with J. Dilla “Champion Sound”. Samples ranging from Throbbing Gristle to Phil Collins were used on this album and marked these producers as some of the most inventive and daring in their field. Both artists put out some of their best material after this release, J. Dilla issued the hip-hop instrumental masterpiece “Donuts” and Madlib went on to form Madvillain with MF Doom, releasing the landmark experimental rap album “Madvillainy”.

After this release Madlib shifted his attention on production, working incessantly in the mid 2000s for artists such as Talib Kweli, Mos Def, Erykah Badu, and Ghostface Killah. Jackson resurfaced as a solo artist in 2006, contributing a song on the Chrome Childern, Vol.2 mixtape under the alias Beat Konducta. Though this stage name did not stick he used it as the title for a string of instrumental albums he concocted.

Madlib’s next project proved to be one of his most ambitious. He started a series in 2010 called the Madlib Medicine Show, through which he released a total of 13 albums in two years. After this stint Jackson returned in 2013 as Quasimoto to release the album “Yessir Whatever” and followed it up a year later with his collaborative release with Freddie Gibbs, “Piñata”.

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