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Lotus is an American electronic band that was conceived in Indiana but has since relocated to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Denver, Colorado. Though the group’s music is most identified as electronic their sound also includes elements of jam, house, funk, and post-rock.

The group formed in 1999 while attending Goshen College in Indiana. The lineup consists of brothers Jesse Miller (bass/sampler) and Luke Miller (guitar/keyboards), Steve Clemens (drums), and Mike Rempel (guitar). Their initial style was rooted in improvisational electronic sounds that recalled the work of contemporaries like STS9.

In 2001 the band welcomed drummer Chuck Morris to the lineup and made a conscious effort to tighten the structure of their songs and shift in a more instrumental direction. At this time the group were absorbing bizarre forms of electronic music such as the Orb and gradually incorporated the experimental tendencies displayed by these artists into their own sound.

Lotus issued their first album “Vibes” through Harmonized Records in 2002. The album consisted of their best live performances throughout their 2001 tour. They went on to release another three albums through the label, a live recording “Germination” (2003), and two studio albums “Nomad” (2004) and “The Strength of Weak Ties” (2006).

Their album “Nomad” became Home Grown Music Network’s best-seller, taking the No.1 spot on their sales chart and “The Strength of Weak Ties received a fairly wide amount of critical support. The hype surrounding the band earned them a contract with SCI Fidelity and through this label, they released their lauded 2007 live double album “Escaping Sargasso Sea”. This release witnessed the band’s embrace of sophist-pop and their growing tie to house music.

The group’s next release “Copy/Paste/Repeat” was a remix album featuring contributions from Lymbyc System, Juan Maclean, DJ Harry, and Telepath. It consisted of re-workings of songs from their previous 2 albums and solidified a stronger movement towards dance, hip-hop, and trance.

Lotus kept up their consistent pace of album releases, issuing “Hammerstrike” in 2008 and the twin EPs “Oil on Glass” and “Feather on Wood”. In between these releases, the group went on an astonishingly extensive tour, which included 47 American dates.

Lotus hit the studio again at the end of 2009 and completed the recording of their self-titled album in October of 2010. However, the record was not released until nearly a year later, undoubtedly due to the band’s hectic touring schedule, which typically ranged from 90-115 live shows a year. Several of these dates took place at festivals such as the Summer Dance Music Festival, which they frequently headline.

The group’s live performances are praised worldwide and noted for their incorporation of eclectic covers. Lotus is just as likely to include Willie Nelson songs in their setlist as they are video game music such as Zelda, Pac-man, and Contra. Their musical influences are widely diverse as well as encompassing artists like Radiohead, Aphex Twin, Tortoise, Daft Punk, Justice, Beck, Broken Social Scene, Talking Heads, Kraftwerk, and Air.

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