Los Tigres del Norte

From08 February 2019to09 February 2019

Los Tigres del Norte


Los Tigres del Norte (English translation: The Tigers of the North) are a Mexican band from Sinaloa who is a Norteño ensemble.

The band was originally started as a family band, with Jorge Hernandez, his brothers, and his cousins. They began recording music together when they moved to San Jose, California in the United States in the late 1960s with the help of a local record company, Discos Fama owned by Art Walker. They became a popular local band, and when they got permission to record a song they heard in Los Angeles, they found major success on both sides of the border. The release of “Contrabando y Traición” completely kicked off the band’s international success as a Spanish language music group.

As a Norteño ensemble, the band has been able to realistically portray life in a manner that many people can relate to, whatever their language. Their songs touch upon topics like love and struggle to survive, as well as incorporating topics like narcotics and immigration. Since their start, they have earned five Latin Grammy Awards and sold over 30 million record copies. They have toured all around the world and have even earned a reputation for playing encores that could last over an hour after the scheduled end of the show. In addition, they have recorded and released over a dozen records, not including Greatest Hits albums, and have been honored with a BMI Icon award by the BMI Latin Awards.

Friday 08 February 2019

Los Tigres del Norte

Aldrich Arena, Maplewood, MN, US


Saturday 09 February 2019

Los Tigres del Norte

Ralston Arena, Omaha, NE, US

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