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Prolific drum ’n’ bass producer, Matt Gresham a.k.a Logistics helped make Hospitality Records a formidable force in dance music, through his fusion of liquid funk and drum ’n’ bass that has filled dance floors for over ten years.

As the younger brother of Dan Gresham, best known as Nu: Tone, proficiency in creating anthemic electronic music certainly runs in the family. Growing up on a balanced diet of guitar music, trip-hop and downtempo before later finding drum ’n’ bass, Logistics brings all these influences to the table for his soul-infused beats. Singing to Hospitality Records in 2004, Logistics helped forge the sound of liquid drum ’n’ bass, alongside his brother and London Electricity. Together, these DJs helped shape the sound of Hospitality Records, which has since become one of the biggest labels in UK dance music of the 2000s. For classic examples of Logistics’ sound, look no further than “Together,” “Spacejam,” “The Trip” and “Release the Pressure.”

In 2006, Logistics released his debut album, “Now More Than Ever,” an expansive album that featured 24 tracks. The following year, “Medical History” arrived, a release that led to Gresham receiving a number of awards, including ‘Best Album’ at the 1Xtra Bass Awards. “Reality Checkpoint” returned Logistics again to the fore, with an eclectic collection of future electronica, throwing dubstep into the mix whilst retaining his signature sound.

In 2008, Logistics began to collaborate with his brother, playing as Nu: Logic, offering endless tracks that filled dance floors with relentless sub bass. In 2012, Logistics returned to the studio for “Fear Not,” an ambitious and expansive project that traveled across a variety of styles. With “Morning Light,” “Everlasting Days,” and “What I’ve Always Waited For,” Nu: Logic continued to display their prowess, showcasing an extensive array of techniques and new sounds. In 2014, again returning to the classic Hospitality sound, Logistics released “Polyphony,” offering 13 tracks of pure drum ’n’ bass anthems.

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Hospitality Stage at Bay Dreams Maunganui 2019

ASB Baypark Stadium, Tauranga, New Zealand


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Hospitality Stage at Bay Dreams Nelson 2019

Trafalgar Park, Nelson, New Zealand


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with Danny Byrd, London Elektricity, and 6 others

Home the Venue, Sydney, NSW, Australia


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Hospitality 2019

Oil Club, Shenzhen, China


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with Camo & Krooked, Danny Byrd, and 18 others

Motion, Bristol, UK

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