La Banda el Recodo

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La Banda el Recodo

Banda Sinaloense el Recodo de Don Cruz Lizárraga, which is often referred to as Banda el Recodo for convenience’s sake, was founded in 1938. The Mexican band specializes in banda and ranchera music.

The band was founded and directed by the Mexican family, the Lizárraga family of Mazatlán, Sinaloa in México. The band is made up of a large number of musicians, all of whom play a variety of different instruments, and singers. The original and still performing band members are: Alfonso Lizárraga, Joel Lizárraga, Carlos “Charly” Perez, Geovanni Mondragon, Mario Alvarado, Abel Moren,o Omar Rodriguez, Carlos Montoya, Jorge Lopez, Jose Lizárraga, Oscar Alvarez, Luis Ibarra, Josue Mejia, Victor Sarabia, Gustavo Pimentel and Alfredo Herrejon. Aldo Sarabia was also an original member but is unfortunately deceased.

Cruz Lizárraga founded the band when he was a young man and shaped the band to what you see today. He named the band after his own name and the town of his birth. He also discovered each musician. The instruments that make up the band consist of four clarinets, three trumpets, a Tambora, a tarola, a tuba, three trombones, two alto horns, and two singers.

The band is highly popular in Mexico and have played several very expensive shows and private parties. Their discography is enormous but just a few of their famous albums include their 1979 hit ‘El Sinaloense’, their 2014 ‘Haciendo Historia’ and their 1992 ’13 Rancheras Y Cumbias’ which was followed by their 1993 album ’16 Rancheras Y Cumbias’.

Friday 11 January 2019

La Banda el Recodo

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La Banda el Recodo

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