Joshua Redman

From18 February 2019to01 June 2019

Joshua Redman

It is hard to describe the Jazz-music of Joshua Redman with words. You should visit youtube. Listening to his music (including all the band members)I get really excited. The band winds you up and he has definitely his own musical identity.

I was present at the concert of “The Trondheim Jazz Orchestra” in March 2013 at Krefeld Germany, where Joshua Redman was a guest tenor saxophonist. The “Orchestra” did a great performance thanks to themselves and of course thanks to Joshua. He acted as an unpretentious team player.

I was also very happy with the modesty of the German audience. October 2013 I was for the 1st time present at a concert of Joshua Redman & Band at the Bimhuis Amsterdam. The venue “Bimhuis” is great. The distance from the band to the audience is very little, so you enjoy the live performance in a great way. The soundman had a hearing problem, as the treble was very dominant. It’s also a pity that the Dutch audience always talks at a very high volume

Monday 18 February 2019

with Brian Blade, Scott Colley, and 1 other

Barbican Centre, London, UK


Thursday 21 February 2019

De Warande, Turnhout, Belgium


Friday 31 May 2019

Parc Des Expositions, Tarbes, France


Saturday 01 June 2019

Parc Des Expositions, Tarbes, France

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