Josh Ritter

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Josh Ritter

Named as one of 2006’s greatest living songwriters by Paste magazine, folk singer/songwriter Josh Ritter (born 21 October 1976) from Idaho, US is well known for his distinctive Americana style inspired by the likes of Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash.

While studying Neuroscience at Oberlin College in Ohio, US, Ritter changed his major part way through to American History through Narrative Folk Music which formed an integral part in the development of his distinctive style. In 1999 he recorded his first self-titled album using the on-campus recording studio with the assistance of Zack Hickman (bass, organ, harp), Tom Graves (cello) and Darius Zelkha (drums). Without label backing, Ritter self-released the album which featured folk-inspired tracks such as “Hotel Song”, “Stuck To You” and “Angels on Her Shoulders”.

After graduating from college, Ritter’s fascination with folk music was ever more prevalent and led him to Scotland, UK as he went to study at the School of Scottish Folk Studies for six months before moving back to his hometown of Idaho. Like most graduates, Ritter took up a few odd jobs while performing at as many open mics as he could and selling copies of his album on the side. With a brief stint traveling and performing around Dublin, Ireland, Ritter had finally found his calling as he became a raging success through his open mic appearances. Having accumulated enough money from merchandise sales, finally, Ritter was able to begin his pursuit as a full-time musician.

In 2000 with a budget of $1000 and recording in three different studios across the US, he self-released his second album “Golden Age of Radio”. Whilst promoting the record, Ritter struck an interest with Jim Olsen, CEO of indie label Signature Sounds who was impressed with him that he offered to re-release the album after witnessing his live performances. In a word-of-mouth whirlwind, his popularity in Ireland grew tremendously as Ritter soon saw himself opening for legendary Irish folk band The Frames before embarking on a string of headline shows.

With seven studio albums under his belt, Ritter has performed at festivals such as Sepomana, Newport Folk Festival and Oxegen playing alongside icons like Joan Baez, French Kicks, and Ron Sexsmith. Often found performing with The Royal City Band, Ritter has been welcomed with open arms by the Irish folk community, seeing him sell out the prestigious Grand Canal Theatre in Dublin, Ireland playing to an audience of over 2,000 people.

Saturday 12 January 2019

Josh Ritter

Alaska Centre for Performing Arts- Discovery Theatre, Anchorage, AK, US


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Josh Ritter

Vagabond Blues, Palmer, AK, US


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Josh Ritter

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