John Talabot

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John Talabot

John Talabot, otherwise known as Oriol Riverola, is a Spanish house music and electronic DJ, producer and musician, hailing from Barcelona, Spain.

Prior to recording under the moniker John Talabot in 2008, Riverola had been the resident DJ in one of Barcelona’s most prestigious dance clubs. However, with a mix of over-exhaustion, high-expectations and a wish to create something that wasn’t currently being produced, Riverola left the club scene behind and began crafting contemporary, slow-moving house music. The producer had previously created music under the moniker Oriol D.a.r.y.l. and D.a.r.y.l., before changing his sound and changing his name to John Talabot.

In April 2009, the DJ and producer released his debut 12” “My Old School” on the German label Permanent Vacation, featuring the tracks “Afrika”, “Naomi” and “Korli”.

Talabot’s next release proved to be his breakthrough with the single “Sunshine” later in 2009. The single, which featured heaps of textured loops, delightfully positive riffs and a carefully considered drum machines, was released on the producer’s own Hivern Discs. Riverola subsequently released the EPs “Mathilda’s Dream” in 2010 and “Families” in 2011, whilst also crafting a steady stream of remixes for the likes of Tahiti 80 and Teengirl Fantasy.

One year later, in 2012, arrived the DJ and producer’s debut album “ƒIN” with vocal contributions from Pional and Ekhi. The album earned a 5 star review from The Guardian and was again released on Permanent Vacation. Riverola has subsequently issued the EP “So Will Be Now” in 2013, along with the mix album “DJ-Kicks: John Talabot”.

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