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Hailing from Bayonne, France, Gojira is a French metal band who blend elements of progressive, death, thrash and math metal to create their eclectic and unpredictable sound.

Influenced by the likes of Pantera, Slayer, Neurosis, Sepultura and Meshuggah, Gojira create a technical but highly rhythmic style of heavy metal, with complex rhythm patterns and unusual structures that are held together through a groove that permeates through their tracks. Whilst aggressive, their sound still has a melodic effect through the varying vocal style, with their lyrics often focussing on their environmental activism, with the band themselves cooperating with the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society to raise awareness for the protection of marine life.

Forming in 1996 and consisting of the members Joe Duplantier (lead vocals, guitar), Mario Duplantier (drums, percussion), Christian Andreu (guitar) and Jean-Michel Labadie (bass), it took the band several years to gradually build their success. They released several demos and EPs in their early years which failed to catch any significant attention. Although with extensive touring and support slots for Cannibal Corpse, Edge of Sanity and Immortal, the band slowly grew in momentum.

It was not until their third full length release, “From Mars to Sirius” (2005) that the band were to make any significant headway, with the record reaching number 44 in the French charts and receiving widespread critical acclaim. Gojira had now caught the attention of the music world, gaining several key appearances at European festivals as well as embarking on European and American tours with the likes of Trivium, Children of Bodom and Machine Head.

Their fourth album, “The Way of All Flesh” came out in 2008, finding significant success in the American charts, reaching number 138. The band then embarked on an extensive touring campaign, taking four years to record their next studio album. Having signed to major label Roadrunner Records, Gojira released their fifth record, “L’Enfant Sauvage” in 2012, which was critically praised and established Gojira as a powerful force in the metal scene.

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