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Everclear is an alternative rock band originally from Portland, Oregon and was formed by Art Alexakis who is the only remaining original member.

The group originally consisted of the trio Alexakis as lead vocalist and guitarist, Craig Montoya on bass and Greg Eklund on drums. They found success with their first three full-length albums, ‘Sparkle and Fade’, ‘So Much for the Afterglow’ and ‘Songs from an American Movie Vol. One: Learning How To Smile’ which were all released on Capitol Records.

All three of these releases were certified platinum-selling in the States, yet the band couldn’t maintain the success for their next two releases and in 2003 both Montoya and Eklund decided to leave the project. Although Alexakis decided to persist with Everclear and released a further two albums with other musicians. Everclear has struggled with promotion campaigns and record label support throughout their career, one of the main reasons American Movie Vol. Two wasn’t considered a successful album was due to the fact it was released just four months after the first and the public became confused as to why the band was releasing original material whilst singles were still being promoted from the predecessor.

Similar disputes occurred during the promotion of Slow Motion Daydream due to Alexakis demanding an early solo track that had been toured the previous year be chosen as the lead whilst record bosses were far more keen on ‘The New York Times’. The end result meant that neither received consistent backing and the album stalled after passing 100,000 copies and the demise seemed unavoidable after both Greg and Craig decided they were leaving. However, Alexakis managed to salvage the reputation of the band and worked on the successes they achieved in the 1990s.


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