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Scottish pop sensation of the early 2000’s, Darius Danesh born August 19th, 1980), known simply as Darius, scored a number of early hits having first found fame as a contestant on ITV’s talent show, “Poptars.”

For Darius, music and performing was a burning passion from a young age, scoring his first role in a kindergarten musical adaptation of Peter Pan at the age of four. He later became interested in guitar and was self-taught, finding inspiration from Extreme’s 1990 classic, “More Than Words.” An appearance in the Scottish Opera Company’s production of Carmen, performing at Covent Gardens, further inspired Darius to pursue a career in entertainment.

By the age of 16, Darius was performing as part of his band, Jade, which became high school favorites, continuing into his late teens despite moving to Edinburgh, Scotland, to study English Literature at the City’s university. Whist in his final year at university, Darius entered the ITV talent competition, “Popstars,” an opportunity that gained the youngster national exposure, quickly becoming one of the nation’s favorite talents.

Following the show, he received a number of major-label contract offers, yet he decided to continue to persevere with his studies rather than accept. Darius had hoped the interest would still be there after graduation, however it had waned. Darius instead went on another talent competition, “Pop Idol,” in order to again reach the same height of popularity before. After performing his own composition of “Colourblind,” Darius massively impressed audiences and record labels and was soon offered a five-album deal on Universal through music director Steve Lilywhite.

His debut album “Dive In,” was released in November 2002, which spawned two hit singles. Darius continued to perform well in the “Pop Idol” show, eventually reaching third place after another contestant became ill. In 2005, his second effort, “Sink or Swim” was released, which featured the Top Ten single, “Live Twice.” Darius then branched into musical theatre, earning roles in West End productions of “Chicago” and “Guys and Dolls.” He then appeared on the ITV talent show, “Popstar to Operastar,” competing against other vocalists to become an opera singer under the mentorship of Rolando Villazón. He has subsequently appeared in the musical, “From Here to Eternity” in 2013.

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