Damien Dempsey

FromAUG 10 2019toOCT 27 2019

Damien Dempsey


Damien Dempsey is an Irish singer and songwriter who mixes traditional Irish folk with contemporary lyrics to deliver social commentary on the positive and negative aspects arising from Ireland’s Celtic Tiger society. He sings in English, and to a lesser extent in Irish.

AUG 10 2019
Drogheda, Ireland
The Fleadh Concert Dome

AUG 17 2019
Limavady, United Kingdom
Ballmully Cottage Farm

AUG 23 2019
Kilkenny, Ireland
Set Theatre

OCT 25 2019
Cork, Ireland
Cyrpus Avenue

OCT 26 2019
South Town, United Kingdom

OCT 27 2019
Clane, Ireland
The Lonesome Boatman

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