Conjunto Primavera

From 18 January 2019to22 September 2019

Conjunto Primavera

As one of the leading groups in the conjunto genre of music, the Mexican band Conjunto Primavera have been nominated for multiple Latin Grammy Awards, as well as gaining many other prestigious titles over the last 30 years. Although the line-up has changed considerably since their formation back in the 70s, seeing them perform recently, it was as if they were the same band that they were back in the day. Every single musician was incredibly talented, and if anything, the new members brought something refreshing and new to their sound.

I wasn’t sure how they’d chose a set list as their catalog of music is so fast from over the years, but they managed to pick a great selection. Although the majority of the tracks they played were from the past decade, they also revisited works such as Demasiado Tarde and Y Otra Vez. Juan Antonio’s vocals are as strong as they have ever been, and he was able to belt and hold all of the notes just like he used to on the recordings. Each band member had the chance to perform a solo and showcased their talent wonderfully.

They were also great at getting everyone in the audience to sing along with their music. It’s so well known, especially the older material, that they didn’t struggle with this at all. After every song, they received a standing ovation, and in many songs, the crowd was stood up throughout. It was a magical showcase of genuine talent.

Friday 18 January 2019

Conjunto Primavera

with Ramon Ayala and Duelo

Atlanta Coliseum,Duluth, GA, US


Sunday 22 September 2019

Conjunto Primavera

Esports Arena, Santa Ana, CA, US

December 14, 2018 in