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Gary McCann (born 30th May, year unknown), better known by his stage name Caspa, is a dubstep producer from West London.

McCann had never originally set his sights on breaking into the music world, instead aiming to follow his talent for basketball; that was curtailed, though, when he sustained a career-ending shoulder injury. Instead, he chose to pursue his love of jungle and hip-hop music to carve out a career in music, which saw him adopt the dubstep movement years before it became popular in the mainstream. His early singles enjoyed airplay on urban station BBC Radio 1Xtra, exposing him to a wide audience for the first time in the mid-noughties. Around the same time, he formed his own label, Storming Productions, and got his own show on revered underground station Rinse FM. He went onto form a second, dubstep-specific label, Dub Police.

As dubstep became more commercially viable, McCann secured appearances at major music festivals, including Global Gathering and Glastonbury, as well as Lollapalooza in the United States. He finally released his first record in his own right, ‘Everybody’s Talking, Nobody’s Listening’ in May 2009 – reggae legend David Rodigan made a cameo appearance. His track ‘War’ gained international exposure in 2013 when it was featured in the trailer for the blockbuster Kick-Ass 2. He relocated to Denver, Colorado in 2014, on account of the friendliness of the local music scene.

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Terminal West, Atlanta, GA, US


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with Opus, Ganja White Night, and 38 others

fabric, London, UK


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Motion & the Marble Factory, Bristol, UK


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Ganja White Night & Buds 2019

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