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Bowling for Soup

American pop-punk band Bowling For Soup emerged in Wichita Falls, Texas in 1994, but have since relocated to Denton Texas. The band released a profuse amount of material throughout the 90s; however, they did not come to widespread recognition until the early 2000s.

The seeds of what would blossom into the band Bowling for Soup were sewn when lead singer and principal songwriter Jaret Reddick met guitarist Chris Burney in their small town high school. The two friends grew up in the 80s listening to glam ridden metal acts like Quiet Riot, Mötley Crüe, and Ratt; however, the two also reserved a certain respect for straightforward punk groups like the Ramones and Greenday.

Before forming Bowling for Soup, Burney operated a local coffee shop called the Refuge that housed a concert stage on which his band The Persecuted would often play. Future bandmates of Bowling For Soup, bassist Erik Chandler and drummer Gary Wiseman frequented the Refuge and eventually formed a friendship with Burney and Reddick. All the members where in different bands at the time such as the Folkadots, Gary & the Wiseman, Slaw, Terminal Seasons, and coolfork!.

It was not until the formation of Rubberneck that the initial stages of Bowling for Soup would really take form. Rubberneck consisted of Reddick, Burney, Chandler, and Lance Morrill. In 1994 the quartet changed their name to Bowling for Soup (a reference to a Steve Martin comedy sketch) and released their debut self-titled album on their personal record label Que-So Records. The band kept busy producing material, releasing a split album with the V.I.M.S. in 1996, a 2nd studio album “Rock on Honorable Ones” in 1997 and the E.P. “Tell Me When to Whoa” in 1998. The same year the band’s drummer Lance Morrill left the band on amicable terms and was replaced by a mutual friend of the band Gary Wiseman. 1998 was also the year in which the band moved from Wichita Falls to Denton, Texas.

The band’s career really started picking up in the early 2000s when they joined major record label Jive. On 16 May 2000, they released their album “Let’s Do It for Johnny!” (a reference to Francis Ford Coppola’s movie the Outsiders) and caught a glimpse of fame with their hit “The Bitch Song”. The band was on an upward slope to success after this release and with the output of their 5th studio album “Drunk Enough to Dance” they saw two of their singles become hit records “Emily” and “Girl All the Bad Guys Want”. The latter song was also a critical success and was nominated in the 2003 Grammy Awards for “Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal”. The band’s cover of Flock of Seagulls “I Ran (So Far Away)” was adopted as the theme song for the Japanese anime “Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac”.

The band went back to the studios in Atlanta with acclaimed producer Butch Walker to record they’re follow up album “A Hangover You Deserve”. This album went on to be the most successful release for Bowling for Soup generating three singles “Almost”, “Ohio (Come Back to Texas)” and “1985”. “1985” is considered to be the band’s greatest achievement. It was played incessantly on the radio, charting to No. 5 on Billboard’s Adult 40 chart and was nominated for a Grammy.

The band released “Bowling For Soup Goes to the Movies” the following year, which consisted of an assortment of originals and cover songs that were featured in movies such as “Sky High” and “Cursed”. Bowling for Soup further intertwined themselves in the media by recording the song “Greatest Day” for the movie “Max Keeble’s Big Move” and the theme song for “Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius”.

The band launched their next studio album “The Great Burrito Extortion Case” with the uptempo single “High School Never Ends” and took 3 years before releasing they’re follow up “Sorry for Partyin’”. This marked the band’s longest gap of time between releasing studio albums; however, during this time frame they released a live album and capped of the year with a Christmas album. The band went on to release their second Christmas album “Merry Flippin’ Christmas, Vol.2” the same year as the completion of their “Fishin’ for Woos” album.

Not long after this release, the band decided to take a break from touring Europe citing personal and financial strains as reasons. The group announced a 2013 Farewell UK Tour that consisted of 14 dates and put out their 12th studio album “Lunch. Drunk. Love” that year.

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