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It’s hard to call Bonobo an Electronic artist when he has experimented with such a broad range of sounds throughout his career and become known for his unique 12-piece live band shows.

Born Simon Green, Bonobo’s upbringing in rural Hampshire helped to inject his sound with an introspective emotion which was combined with the more upbeat influence of moving to Brighton to really shape the foundations of his sound.

Under the tutorage of Robert Luis of Tru Thoughts, Bonobo really began to form a musical identity eventually resulting in the release of his debut album ‘Animal Magic’ on Tru Thoughts, a label that has always been renowned for its innovative and experimental releases.

The album was well-received and caught the attention of ‘Ninja Tune’ who went on to release Bonobo’s next two albums ‘Dial ‘M’ For Monkey’ and ‘Days to Come’. ‘Days to Come’ began to build Bonobo’s profile after some of its songs were used to soundtrack adverts and video games amongst other things whilst also going on to be voted the best album of 2006 by listeners of Giles Peterson’s radio show.

During this time he began work on creating a unique live experience and by the time he released 2010’s ‘Black Sands’, an album influenced by more unusual styles like Afrobeat and Eastern music, he was able to play live shows with a full 12-piece band. This was unlike what any other electronic musician was doing and helped to give Bonobo a unique position in the music scene. Having also developed a DJ set that uses club reworks of his own tracks, Bonobo has made sure that he is a phenomenal live act in whatever form you see him.

Tuesday 01 January 2019


Field Day 2019

The Domain, Sydney, NSW, Australia


Friday 08 February 2019


Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, Cape Town, South Africa


Saturday 09 February 2019


The Fox Junction, Johannesburg, South Africa


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La Sucrière, Lyon, France

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