Being As An Ocean

From19 April 2019to27 April 2019

Being As An Ocean

Being As An Ocean is a band hailing from Alpine, California, the United States who formed in 2010. Since their debut in 2012, they have released two studio albums and become one of the most exciting melodic hardcore bands in the world.

With a name lifted from a Mahatma Gandhi quote, Being As An Ocean came together in late 2010 with their first demos being posted to their Myspace page by early January of the following year. Initially, lead guitarist Tyler Ross was the sole creative force of the band, writing the entirety of their first record only a couple of months after the band was formed. The band spent the rest of 2011 performing anywhere that would have them and scored a record deal with InVogue records near the end of the year, with “Dear G-d” being released precisely 364 days after their first demos were put online, on the third of January 2012. The album received a huge amount of acclaim from both fans and critics, leading to their first world tour in the summer supporting a number of different hardcore bands.

Unfortunately, that touring schedule was too much for founding members Jacob Prest and Shad Hamawe, who left in 2013. But even by then this was a band with far too much momentum to be stopped that easily, and with two new members joining up the same year, the band is still going on to this day. With a second album released in the form of 2014’s “How We Both Wondrously Perish”, the band remains a tremendously exciting prospect both live and in the studio. For that, Being As An Ocean come highly recommended.

Friday 19 April 2019
Being As An Ocean
Impericon Festival Wien 2019
Vienna Arena (Arena Wien), Vienna, Austria

Saturday 27 April 2019
Being As An Ocean
Impericon Festival Munchen 2019
Backstage, Munich, Germany

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