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From winning Grammy awards to dating Paris Hilton, Dutch DJ and producer Nick van de Wall, or Afrojack as you might know him, really has done it all.

Building an early underground following in his native Holland, Afrojack’s initial explosion onto the scene came with the release of his single ‘Take Over Control’. The song was an instant hit, filling dancefloors all over the world and even reaching Platinum status in the US.

Around this time Afrojack also launched his label imprint ‘Wall Recordings’, a place where he could begin to nurture and grow new EDM talent under his tutorage. He also became one of the first artists to sign a residency in Las Vegas, performing there over a dozen times. Its moves like this that have helped him to rank by Forbes as one of the highest paid DJ’s in the world.

Collaborations with the likes of EDM royalty such as David Guetta and pop superstars like Chris Brown and Madonna helped to build Afrojack’s profile and it wasn’t long before he was headlining festivals like Electric Daisy Carnival, playing to over 300,000 people.

2014 saw the release of his debut album ‘Forget The World’ and was a huge success, spurred on by monster singles like ‘The Spark’. His talents have not only been recognized through commercial success but he has been voted at number 9 in ‘Dj Mag’s top DJs’ two years in a row. All of this makes for an impressive resume for someone who is young enough to have plenty left to give – expect to hear a lot more about Afrojack in years to come.

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