Thessaloniki- The City of Ancient History of Young Heart

The city of Thessaloniki is the 2nd largest city in Greece. It has a rich multicultural history, charming atmosphere, and a friendly ambiance that seduce every visitor from the first sight. It offers an impressive cultural mix that was influenced by the Romans, Venetians, and Ottoman Turks. Visitors are awed by the ancient ruins, Byzantine churches, and the world-class archaeology museum, one of the best in Greece.

Try delicious Greek cuisine

On the other hand, this marvelous Greek city also offers you to experience incredibly tasty food that is actually a mix of Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine. When staying in this place, top-rated restaurants are something that you should definitely visit. My favorite restaurant in Thessaloniki is called Tripia Potiria.

The staff is very friendly while the food is simply delightful. Here you can try both seafood and other traditional meals such as moussaka, gyros, souvlaki, and baklava.  I highly recommend you to order steamed mussels and to drink Retsina. Retsina is a sort of traditional Greek white wine that perfectly goes with all kinds of seafood.

Aristotelous Square

When we talk about the places you definitely need to visit, I suggest you not to escape walking through Aristotelous Square. This is the main Thessaloniki’s spot where people meet and enjoy drinking coffee at one dozen cafes and restaurants settled around the square.

Archeological Museum of Thessaloniki

Archeological Museum of Thessaloniki is another important place to visit. This museum will show you 7  eras from prehistoric to the early Christian period (around 300AD) and have arranged masterpieces chronologically from the bottom floor to top.

White Tower

One of the main city’s trademarks is definitely the White Tower. It is the living symbol of Thessaloniki and carries a rich history. The White Tower was constructed during the 15th century in the place of a previous Byzantine fortification and was later reconstructed by the Ottomans. Otherwise called the Tower of Blood, this monument was also used as a prison in history. Today, the tower is open to the visitors who have the opportunity to enjoy an amazing panoramic view from its top.