The seductive town of Višegrad, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Nested in the Eastern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the spacious basin of the Drina river, the small town of Višegrad charms every visitor from the very first step. The town became more popular when the Noble Prize winner (1961) Ivo Andrić, published the novel ’’ The Bridge on the Drina’’.

The bridge is Višegrad’s main trademark and definitely provides one of the best views of Bosnian’s untouched nature and river Drina. Višegrad’s old and narrow streets, gorgeous green valleys and deep cut river canyons, Andrićgrad, and Turkish spa make this town even more seductive.

When visiting the fairy-tale looking town of Všegrad, you definitely shouldn’t miss the visit to Andrićgrad (lit. Andrić’s town) a.k.a. Kamengrad (lit. Stonetown). It’s a cultural, tourist, administrative and educational complex designed by World famous film director Emir Kusturica. The complex is 49 % owned by the municipality of Višegrad, and 51 % by Emir Kusturica.

The whole Andrićgrad is inspired by works and characters of a Nobel Prize winner Ivo Andrić and is actually a vision of how Višegrad would have looked like if the Renaissance, Ottoman, and Byzantine periods had gone by it.

From Višegrad, you can also visit the Mokra Gora by the railway. First established in 1906, a narrow-gauge railway links the town of Višegrad with Mokra Gora that is famous for its breathtaking creation also designed by the film director Emir Kusturica. By going to the Mokra Gora, you can also make a stop at Dobrun where is settled one of the oldest Serbian monasteries- The Dobrun Monastery.

If you want to spend a few peaceful and quiet days far away from the city noise and rush, the Višegrad definitely has to offer you everything.