The Island of Skiathos will definitely leave everyone speechless

Although the Greek Island of Skiathos is the size of 46 sq km, many people decide to return for their holidays year after year for one simple reason- It has the most beautiful landscapes and beaches in the world.
This cosmopolitan island lives from tourism as well as from agriculture because locals produce tasty wine, honey, and olive oil. You’ll feel the smell of Olives and Aleppo pine trees from the first step to this Heaven on Earth, and that’s not all- the island of Skiathos has a crystal-clear sea that almost looks unreal. The word Skia in the name Skiathos means ”shadow” and it perfectly describes its nature that is covered by thousands of trees.
Skiathos is a popular summer resort for Scandinavian, Russian, English and many other holidaymakers. The town of Skiathos succeeded to keep the old traditional spirit although it was under the Athenian, Spartan, Roman, Byzantine as well as Turkish rule. If you were wondering what places you can visit on this gorgeous island, I especially want to mention the Kastro Fortress, The Monastery of Panagia Evangelistria (founded in 1794), and numerous small churches.
Since Skiathos is famous for its marvelous beaches, you definitely need to visit the Koukuraries, Lalaria, Troulos, Achiladies, Maratha, Banana, Xanemos and Vromolimnos beach. Each of these beaches has the unique spirit and magical smell of Aleppo pine woods that surround the whole island. And when the sun goes down, you can enjoy traditional Greek cuisine in one of the tavernas next to the sea, that will wake up all your senses.