The intriguing city of Belgrade-Serbia

If you were wondering what might be your next travel destination, I want to introduce you to the capital of Serbia-Belgrade. It’s the center of Balkan Culture (Europe), and the place where medieval times merge with ancient history and new age at the same time. The world means the White City and since it was destroyed and rebuilt many times, you can see different types of architecture on every corner. Maybe you won’t believe me, but this city has been razed to the ground 44 times and fought over 115 times because of its good strategic location. By walking through Belgrade streets you’ll taste a real cultural mix. Since Serbia was under Turkish arm for more than 500 years, you’ll notice their influence on food, architecture and even language. The fact is that Belgrade has tons of history and you will best see it in Kalemegdan Fortress which was first built in the 2nd century by the Romans. Later, it was built over and over for 19 centuries, and still proudly stands above the city. The naked statue called Pobednik or ’’the Victor’’ overlooks to the confluence of Sava and Danube rivers from the Kalemegdan Fortress and represents a symbol of freedom from many past wars and occupations. Other sights that definitely need to be visited are the old Skadarlija street, Ada Lake, the Mountain Avala in the suburbs of Belgrade, Knez Mihajlova Street, and to have a walk next to Sava river in Sava Mala part of the city. The vibrant city of Belgrade also offers a buzzing nightlife which is often compared with Ibiza. Sounds great, isn’t it? With more than 100 kafanas, water floating clubs, bar and restaurants, you will taste a real carpe diem!