The hidden pearl of the Adriatic Sea- The island of Vis

The Island of Vis is for many reasons chosen for the most beautiful island of Croatia. This idyllic island has gorgeous beaches, delicious and fresh seafood, and best wineries. Vis Island is hidden behind the islands of Brač, Šolta, and Hvar and it is the furthest inhabited island of Croatia where was earlier situated the military base for the president’s Tito partisans. This island was closed for visitors until 1989.

Vis Island is also very popular by its fishing tradition. If you are interested in trying its cuisine, then you shouldn’t miss the Viška pogača. It is a stuffed bread loaf made with salt fish. On the western side of the island, there is a small fishing town Komiža which kept its bohemian look. This place is in winter the warmest place in Croatia because it is protected from the north winds by its position. The local restaurants in this town prepare fresh seafood every day. From Komiža, you can also take a boat and visit the Blue Cave on Biševo Island. There are about 15 beaches at Vis Island and some of them are Prilovo, Grandovac, Punta Biskupa Beach, Silver beach, Bili Bok, and Stiniva.

Exploring the history of the Vis island is also ‘a must’!  There are 37 military bases on this island and we will mention only a few of them. War Tunnel Jastog (about 10m wide, and the debt about 100m), located in the bay Parja was a hidden shelter for military ships.

Samogor was the largest military base on the island in the dark ages of barbed wire, with about 1,000 troops. After the JNA left the island, Samogor became the property of the Ministry of Defence. During the war years, it served as a refugee center for refugees and displaced persons from Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. On Cape Stupišće was a cannon and rocket base that controlled the southwestern sector. Building on top of the bay Gnjilna was used to accommodate soldiers.

Fort George III is the largest fortress located at the western entrance to the Vis harbor. It is built by the British Royal Navy in 1813 as part of its campaign in the Adriatic. After nearly two centuries it was used for military purposes. The fort was abandoned for many years and the restoration venture began in 2012. During the summer days are organized various parties, concerts and additional entertainment facilities that encourage residents and tourists to visit this fort. The easiest way to get to this place is by car, but the locals more prefer a twenty-minute walk with a fantastic view of the city of Vis.

If you have the opportunity to visit this brilliant island, you definitely shouldn’t bypass its tasty restaurants. My favorite one was a cozy konoba/taverna called Kod Paveta. Their delicious seafood will definitely leave you speechless and full stomach.

There’s also another great fact about the island of Vis that will thrill you! It was starring in Mamma Mia 2!

There are many options for exploring the gorgeous island of Vis. You can rent a boat, kayak or scooter. Its amazing nature, wild beaches, and sights are waiting for you! The only thing you need is a good mood and the energy to explore this mystical island! Feel the real nirvana and relax under rays of the sun!