Sithonia-the perfect mix of pine forests and seductive blue sea

Otherwise known as Longos, the peninsula of Sithonia is located on a peninsula of Chalkidiki in Greece. It’s an ideal place for those who want a superb vacation in untouched nature, far away from overcrowded cities.

Sithonia offers dozens of undiscovered bays, sandy beaches and a stunning fragrance of pine forests that will wake up all your senses.

Here is the list of villages that definitely shouldn’t be missed when staying in Sithonia:

  • The village of Nikiti is located next to the Metamorfosi Bay and is one of the oldest villages in Chalkidiki with 700 years dating back history. It’s cuddled between pine forests, gorgeous blue sea, and traditional stone houses. If you have the opportunity to visit Nikiti, do not miss the church of St. Nicholas. It dates back to 1867, and there are also ruins of the 16th-century church with frescoes from that period. Several prehistoric settlements can also be seen on the surrounding hills while beaches such as Kalogria, Elia and Lagomandra seduce every visitor.

  • Porto Carras resort has been built by a rich Greek businessman. It received approximately 3,000 guests and included a marina for his own yachts, a theater for 4,500 people, sports centers and vineyards. The country has been sold out after his death, so today’s Porto Carras presents an independent tourist resort with three large and luxury hotels in an area of 18km.

  • Toroni- This small village is situated on the very north end of Sithonia. The village is splashed by an insane turquoise sea and presents a perfect family destination. It provides plenty of traditional Greek tavernas and a peaceful

  • Porto Koufo or Porto Koufos is the southernmost location in Sithonia, located on the top of a large closed bay. Surrounded by sharp edges with one of the deepest natural ports in the Aegean Sea, it was used as the base of German submarines in World War II. Many war fortifications can still be seen there.  Koufo  means “deaf” in Greek and the village got named after the saying that the sound of sea can’t be heard. Porto Koufo can be reached by descending steep path through pine forests that opens a magnificent view to the closed bay. It is a fishing village with only 100 inhabitants and is located 140km from Thessaloniki.

  • Sarti is one of the most popular places on the eastern coast of Sithonia. It was named after the ancient town of Sarti, probably located in the same area (it has long disappeared, although there are some ruins that can be visited around the Sikia bay). Today, Sarti is a highly developed tourist village with many small hotels and complexes for tourists, as well as places for camping. I highly recommend you to visit a restaurant called ‘5 steps IN the sand’ that offers a tasty seafood, breathtaking sea view and quiet sound of pine forests.

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