Ronda- The city where two architectures collide

Located 100km west of the city of Malaga, the city of Ronda seduces every visitor with its historic sights and dramatic views. Otherwise called the city of dreams, Ronda definitely has a lot to offer.

What to visit?

Plaza de Toros– Dating from 1785, Plaza de Toros presents one of the oldest bullfighting arenas in Spain. You’ll also have a great opportunity to see not only the artifacts like weapons and attire but also the jackets and hats of famous bullfighters and read about their traditional practices. And here we come to another creepy part- You can also see the mounted heads of famous bulls.

Cono Balconies– Although they look like they’re going to tumble down any second, these hanging balconies still stand over the edge of the Tajo gorge and provide a breathtaking view to Ronda’s sunset.

Puente Nuevo– is definitely the most famous and the most visited Ronda’s attraction that was completed after 40 years of building in 1793. This New Bridge connects The Market with the La Ciudad (The town) and has been a witness of 50 lost lives during the construction process. However, today it’s the location where many of the spectacular tourist shoots are taken from. P.S. Sensible walking shoes and a camera are strongly recommended.

Old city– The old part of Ronda presents a huge contrast from the new part of the city. There’re lots of old Spanish restaurants, shops and picturesque architecture that dates back from Islamic times.

Reseratauro Ronda– is the perfect place for those who adore bullfighting and Andalusian horses. It’s a ranch that breeds fighting bulls (Toro Bravo) and is owned and run by a former Madrid bullfighter Rafael Tejada.

Arab Public Baths– These baths date from the Islamic period and have been later called San Miguel’s Baths. Their location is eminently artisan zone due to the close proximity of the Snake Stream which had provided the baths with water. Although they have been built in the 14th century, they’re still in a pretty good condition. Before you enter the Baths I highly recommend you to watch the educational 15 min- movie that explains a lot about the history of Ronda and how the baths came to be.

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