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Martha Eko asked 3 weeks ago

Hi, where are best places to eat in Singapore?

Gray.A replied 3 weeks ago

If you are into Singaporean food, I will highly recommend Laksa Chee Cheoung Fun in Maxwell food centre. The best Laksa I’ve ever had!

Martha Eko replied 4 days ago

Will definitely head to Maxwell food centre when am in Singapore. Thanks

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Julie answered 4 days ago

Singapore has some of the most amazing food due to its diversity of its population. Jumbo Sea Food restaurant offers the most succulent crab dishes. For the best affordable Indian restaurant in Singapore, I will recommend Little India and Samy’s Curry. Hainese chicken rice is a popular local dish. Tian Tian Hainese Chicken Rice at Maxwell food centre offers the best chicken rice in Singapore.

Martha Eko replied 4 days ago

Thank you so much for the info.

Shel J answered 4 days ago

Two Men Bagel House is a must. It has the best bagels, I’ve ever had and I am a bagel snub.

Martha Eko replied 4 days ago

Thanks, I love bagels too!