Moscow-the city of ice, astonishing beauty and fiery soul

If someone would ask me to describe Moscow in one word, it would be –the elegance. Moscow is spacious, broad and magnificent. If there was an iceberg under which the fire was hiding, Moscow will have both of those contradictions. This city is photogenic from every angle, and if you were thinking to visit it, you’ll definitely need the entire week for discovering all architectural jewels. Moscow has a lot of stories to tell you! From the tumultuous times of the imperial dynasty of the Romanovs to the rule of communism, Cold War, to today’s modern Russia. Therefore, it’s advisable to rent a guide or go on the organized tour.

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Moscow Red Square- a live postcard

For visiting the Red Square, you’ll probably need a few hours. The golden dome converts the most famous Moscow postcard into a surreal scene and tells us fairy tales about Russian kings, golden eggs, wonderful rose, Beauty and the Beast, Baba Yaga, Vasilisa Premudroi and other Slavic archetypical contents.

There is also the famous Kremlin, the place from where Ivan Grozny, Stalin, Yeltsin, Gorbachev had implemented their politics. Today, it’s governed by President Vladimir Putin. Kremlin is enormously huge ‘fortress’ with 2,235 m long walls. There’re 20 towers to see, 5 squares for taking pictures, and the world’s largest bell and cannon to see.

Lenin’s Mausoleum

On the other hand, Lenin’s Mausoleum is the place that one adores while others hate. It houses a glass sarcophagus with the embalmed body of the famous Russian revolutionary, Vladimir Lenin.  The place is crowded throughout the year and was first opened in1924.


When staying in Moscow, GUM is definitely ‘a must’ place to visit. It is the biggest department store with stunning interior and more than 200 boutiques. The GUM was built between 1890-1893 and offers a wide variety of brands- from Versace, Gucci, and Dior, to more affordable like H&M and Zara.

Arbat Street

Every city in the World has a special street that gathers thousands of tourists every day, and Moscow’s Arbat Street is one of them. It presents the most famous tourist spot with lots of restaurants, cafes, shops, and street performers.

Museum of Sergei Yesenin

I also recommend visiting the museum of Sergei Yesenin to all lovers of Russian literature. The museum has left a pretty unique impression on me because it’s actually a small house where Yesenin wrote all his works.