São Paulo, Brazil

Meet the Latin America’s monster: São Paulo. One of the biggest cities in the world, São Paulo is not only a financial hub, but also a must for gastro experience as well as cultural activities – parks, discos, museums, concert halls and, for soccer fans, many stadiums to visit.
Get used to long queues, as Brazilians seem to enjoy being lined up for trendy stores and restaurants. The variety and concentration of those, by the way, is enormous.
The old city center meets the high buildings of the famous Avenida Paulista. The Japanese neighbor, Liberdade, makes you feel as you have transported to the other side of the world, while young people, bars, and restaurants crowd the bohemian Vila Madalena.
At first glance no great beauty: it is a tough city, however, a second look will make the travel worth it. Enjoy the big avenues or just go for a nice walk at the beautiful Ibirapuera Park. Either way, you will find people willing to help or just take your photograph.
To see all its corners, get used to the metro and avoid peak times. If you are feeling bolder, buses will get you practically anywhere and you will be able to get a good glance at the city while, maybe, stuck in traffic.
It is also curious to see how restaurants are going to provide you with a menu divided accordingly to the day of the week, so please, do not miss Saturday’s Feijoada or Wednesday’s Virado à Paulista.