Magical Hong kong

Alright, so where should we go this time? Stay in Asia for little more time? OK, lets take a look at another giant. Hong Kong, or as Hong Kong people say 香港 “Xiang gang”, which literally means “Spice harbor” or “Fragrant harbor”.  If you arrive in this city for the first time, I’m sure you’re going to feel lost and overwhelmed with feelings and smells, which will put you into state of insanity for a while. At least I was J

However, when you get the city under your control, it will show its opposite face and you’ll fall in love with it. The way this place lives its own live amazes me every time I visit, and every time I find new little street, new small street food stand, new person in the park, new fisherman on the shore, new musician on the street or a new smell, that just makes me find out more about. The city is magical and it works the magic on everyone who lives there or visit.

Sure, there are things you will have trouble to understand and tag along with, such as the huge differences between the very poor and very rich, that are visible on almost every street, but you just have to understand that this is how it should be……. I guess……

Anyhow, take this as your harbor city when exploring Southeast Asia and you won’t be sorry.

Travel safe