Stunning Hunza Valley

Hunza is a beautiful mountainous region located at the extreme northern part of Pakistan. Its borders meet with Afghanistan and China.
Hunza valley is known or referred to as ‘the lost paradise’ or ‘heaven on earth’ and has captivated tourists from around the world. Every tourist finds something unique to cherish. Whether it’s the stunning landscapes or the welcoming people, Hunza has none in its comparison.
So, if you are planning to visit this heavenly place make sure not to miss the following places:
Top on the list is the 700 years old Baltit Fort. This architectural beauty is now a museum and holds a lot of antiques used by the ancient civilizations. Traditional events such as Bofao and Ginani are also held at the fort. The Baltit Fort offers panoramic views over the Hunza valley.
The Aga Khan Trust for Culture Historic Cities Support Programme has helped restore this 1100 year old monument. We may need a whole book to tell the history of Altit Fort. It is historically rich and eye-popping beautiful. Especially the beautiful walkway garden of cherry and apricot trees. It gives you a feeling that you have entered the wonderland, the only thing missing is to see the fairies flying.
To get a birds-eye view of the whole valley. Eagle nest mountain is the place. It is the highest peak of Hunza. One has to be a professionally trained to climb such a high peak. It is surrounded by two other most beautiful and famous peaks. One is the lady finger peak and the other is Rakaposhi peak.
The rest of the places include Attabad lake, Passu lake and Rush lake. Each equally breathtaking and peaceful. It’s a perfect spot for vacations. Let us know about your visit to Hunza valley and places you loved most, but, if you are planning to visit Hunza valley soon, make sure that you don’t miss our top 3 places.