Hungary Ozora Festival


We meet at Dádpuszta, a small town in Hungary in the labyrinth of life at the Ozora Festival, We went there to observe, to grow, to learn, to love and dance and then we return home. For many of us the challenge of the past year was to accept that our individual journeys during the festival if once we embrace a welcome, we also must embrace a farewell. but in between, we are happy that we can share a slice of reality together.

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Our journey was long, departing Toulouse, France about 2,400km to paradise. Passing by the north of Italy during a long drive in the night, and then arrived at a beautiful sunrise in the Triglav National Park (TNP) which lies in the Northwest of Slovenia in the Julian Alps. The park combines in its area extraordinary diversity of ecosystems. It covers the sharp high-mountains with its distinctive vegetation and life. We meet friendly environment, on the southern side on some places appears the impact of the sea. Named after the country’s highest peak, Triglav is marked by its nature trails, educational workshops, and wild camping in the heart of a preserved natural environment.

After a swim in the river and hammock nap; we were ready to depart to the city life in Ljubljana a small town with a population of 278 853 small capital. Ljubljana’s flat terrain, designated bike trails, and car-free center make it a pleasant place to discover by bicycle. You’ll understand why this city was named one of the world’s top green capitals.

Four hours away from our final destination, we relaxed, and wonder about our arrival. And then I thought when a vision is born, and it comes across a will, probability occurs and only time can stand in the way of a dream becoming real.

Here we are in Ozora a small town in the west of Hungary close to the Balaton Lake; known as the Hungarians sea, and finally, we can say that yet another beautiful idea has become reality.

Ozora festival a valley that it is not a plain party scene, it is a cherished landscape and ever-evolving space; a beloved home for many who have been moved and inspired by its singular hospitality. This year the cooking grove has really come into its own, emerging as a kind of a musical stage too. For a long time the sweet sound of the hang while you are cooking together, the cooking grove and the seven-headed garden has become a full arena for all the senses; smell, sight, sound, touch, and taste. After a shared meal, I headed to a crystal healing workshop in order to shelter from the heat of the afternoon.

We didn’t underestimate the power of the sun during the day, these are the hottest days of the summer the festival takes place the last week of August. The daytime temperature is 35° while the night brings a cool of 21°. So Keeping our water bottles full, we wear a hat or whatever you want to put in your head, an umbrella and we stayed in the shade for most of the afternoons.

Later the land becomes sacred, heightened by the things that give life, there are flashes of what’s to come moments of joy; laughter and those millions of conversations. There is a wind blowing all day, it blows you clean, like a wild shower. Sleep is good and deep, I need to start writing, there is no need to push no, I feel, it will come, so I wonder myself here and there.

On the second evening, a quieter affair was going on, a few of us in the Pumpui stage the music still quieter. Getting lost in the absolute decorations and colors all around, the happy smiles and beautiful faces all sharing the same power of love, admiration, and wisdom.

And then, the next day, the day that I leave, finally thinking of writing this while Hunn Huur Tu a Mongolian band played their traditional instruments a member of the band playing drums on his knees as I am writing this, people chanting, sleeping as we all realized that the end was close. walking the vibes, finding new paths, feeling the flow, then we asked questions about our life, the social structure we’re leaving in, our connection to reality and the potential for change in ourselves.

A week has passed by since the gates opened to paradise and the vibes of the Valle settle to a harmony of beats, smiles, hugs. for me, Ozora means the journey to arrival. Recognize the feeling when your spirit finally arrives. You can spend five days, two days until you stop looking and realize that the magic has grown around you and it expands the minds.

What is it that brings all these spirits together from around the world? What makes this multicultural gathering so attractive? Is the musical sound waves experience? Is it the performance and visual arts? or perhaps is the endless opportunities for self-expression?

When the days of jumping into -party-high have passed, and peace settles on the hearts, you will find that the most impressive phenomenon comes alive, the release of the ego… Everything and everyone vibrates around. When sharing becomes more important than collecting, when smiles are the language we all speak to each other, it is the moment when a connection forms and we can all feel real and free.

A lapse. A breath, some time passed before I return here again, a few days away from home, back home to the silent countryside in the south-east of France.

Farewell Ozora, on the road again, last minute change we decided to continue our journey to the South of Austria, perhaps to find some comfort in their peaceful valleys. One cherished night with an Austrian friend, next day direction Vienna we were invited to visit the Calle Libre and Austrian street art festival from the 4th to the 11th of August , check it out!

Lastly, we crossed the Austrian Alps, Switzerland and a small part of Italy, Long day driving, spending our nights in while camping. We planned to visit some friends in the south-east of France, The Drome-Provencale region that is so called because of the characteristics it shares with the neighboring region of Provence. You will find small traditional villages, quiet roads, and fields of lavender, olive trees, and gentle landscapes.

Back to work and back to see our friends and family, I will post more of my traveling experiences, but since this was the most recent one I felt the need to share it right away!. To share the love and to encourage every single of you to take a small back, choose a destination and go discover the world, do not let fear get on the way, know that we have two polarisations or “duality”. The negative pole is spinning back and forth, and it always wants to intimidate you. The positive pole spinning forth and back, and it always motivates you.

I understood that it begins with us, let all do a little bit more, a little bit harder, let’s use what we are good at and try to make your traveling communities and all communities a little nicer, and then we watch it spread.

Azul Heron