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4 Best Places to Visit in Slovenia

It's always a good time for a vacation in Slovenia. This small country has a variety of natural resources, which makes it an attractive tourist destination throughout the year. Slovenia’s commitment to the conservation of nature makes it a unique green destination, ideal for an active holiday, with more than 10,000km of hiking trails, mountain ranges, lakes, and thermal spas. With tasty gastronomy, excellent wines and the promotion of organic food and healthy life, Slovenia is a decision worth your attention. Here is the list of most popular places to visit when staying in Slovenia:

Kranjska Gora

Kranjska Gora presents the most popular tourist place during winter months. It is located in the northwest of Slovenia and every year gathers thousands of lovers of winter sports. Its most popular resort of Vitranc looks equally beautiful during the summer season too. Tourists can enjoy hiking, try mountain biking, or simply breathe the amazingly fresh air you’ll not find anywhere else.


Settled on the coast of the Adriatic sea, this Slovenian city resort presents the reminiscent of Italy. It was the part of the Venetian Empire for more than five centuries. History buffs might want to explore landmarks like the main square called Tartinijev square, the oldest building in the city called the Venetian House and the Church of St. George. Despite the fact Piran is small, it’s one of the most scenic places you’ll visit in Slovenia.


Here it comes the most beautiful landscape of Slovenia- the National Park of Triglav. The park is surrounded by the Julian Alps and was named after Triglav- the highest mountain in the park which is also the highest summit in Slovenia. With highlights in the region including the towering peak of Mount Triglav itself as well as the calm waters of Lake Bohinj, this sleeping beauty will leave you speechless.

Lake Bled

Serving as a gateway to the Triglav National Park, the Lake of Bled is famous for its picture-perfect island settled in the middle of lake’s turquoise waters. The views are spectacular from its high vantage point: the iconic Bled Island sitting amid the emerald green waters and surrounded by a lush forest make for one of the most beautiful places on Earth. The lake of Bled is especially popular during summer months when people rush here to enjoy swimming. In my opinion, the most popular private beach is located in Vila Bled’s lakeside hotel.  

Family Travel Adventure

Family is one of the most important things in the world and we should cherish it. How can we show our appreciation for having a good family? Plan a family travel adventure! One way of spending quality time with your family is to travel together. It will make the family bond together and get closer to each other. There are a lot of things to do when you travel, you can go to different places, visit those kids friendly park, try new things and a lot more. Activities Family vacations should be enjoyable and productive. You should also consider what adventures will suit you and your kids. If your kids love to travel, these places and activities are perfect. Theme Parks/ Amusement Parks/ National parks This place never ceases to bring joy and laughter to children. Family adventure in theme parks will not only be fun but will also be educational. There are theme parks that will give additional knowledge to the children. And if you and your children want to experience thrill and excitement, the best family adventure will be trying all the rides in the amusement parks. Anywhere in the world there are numerous amusement parks. Camping, Hiking, Canoeing, Biking If your family is very athletic the best adventure is going outdoors in the wild! You can enjoy your vacation by camping in the woods; it releases stress from the work and also from the school. The change of scenery will also be good for the health. But before going to some strange mountains or camping site, you should know what to bring and what to do to ensure the safety of your family vacation. Same with hiking and biking, these are great adventures. If your children are old enough, you can try canoeing or rafting, it's a water sport that will give you adrenaline rush and a great adventure. Family vacations will never be dull if you try these activities. Shopping It's always a must that when one travels to a different place, there's always a shopping expedition. It would be a great family adventure to look for souvenirs and items that will remind your family the good times you have in that certain place. Simple shopping with kids will be quite enjoyable even if you don't have to travel in a far away place. Golf and Other Sports Activities It's also important to know the sports that interest your children, not only it will be a wonderful family vacation, it will help enhance your child's skill in that certain sport. It will also help their self-esteem to know that you support them. Going to the Beaches This is one of the most common places for a vacation. Children can frolic in the sand and parents can relax under the warm heat of the sun. Aside from that, they can also try the different water sports activities, a family adventure that you will never forget. Wherever you go or whatever you do, the important thing is that the family has the chance to get to know each other, form a bond and be a strong one. Enjoy your travel time with your family and have a memorable time with them.

Malta- The Island of Dreams and Knights

Malta is a small Mediterranean island settled between Sicily and Tunisia that attracts thousands of tourists every year. The first thing that every tourist will notice when comes to Malta is a magnificent and splendidly preserved architecture. The capital of Malta- La Valeta (or just Valletta) is an atypical baroque fort where you'll experience a total pleasure. La Valeta's narrow and windy streets might confuse you and provide you with the impression that you can easily get lost.

What to do when staying in Malta?

Visit Malta's beaches

Many tourists come to Malta to summer vacation. It's an island of a large number of beaches so even when you are in the center of the island, the closest beach is only a few kilometers away. Beaches near Valletta are rocky and very attractive but with an inconvenient approach. However, there are a few sandy beaches and bays as well. The best way to discover the whole island is to rent a bicycle and to enjoy gorgeous and unreal looking nature at the same time.

Try archery and horse riding

The rich military history of the island that dates since the Middle Ages is also responsible for the development and popularity of archery. Today in Malta, there are numerous archery schools where tourists can try this sport. Horse riding is another activity that has been preserved in the Maltese tradition. So, in case you adore horses, you can try horse riding on one of the beaches.

Try jeep safari

Despite the fact that the island of Malta is small in size, there are still some hidden places that can not be reached by public transport. There are many gorgeous and hidden gems that only locals can show you. As a tourist, you can pay a jeep safari tour and discover the insane looking nature of Malta. Local agencies also organize kayak tours along the coast to visit untouched beaches, bays, and caves that can not be reached from the mainland.

Visit Fort St.Elmo

This Fort was built in the XVI century as the main spot for protecting the city La Valletta from the Ottoman Empire. This was the focal point of the Siege of Malta which happened in 1565 and was a bloody period in history when some 1,500 knights lost their lives.

Visit the Ancient capital of Malta

Mdina is the ancient capital of Malta that is nested on a scenic hill in the center of the island. The word 'mdina' or 'medina' in the Arabic language means 'the city'. So, as you can guess, thanks to the Tunisian influence, this city got the name Mdina. It is famous for being encircled by dominating fortifications and as such, it is not to be missed if you are something of a history buff.  Here you can read other Tanya's articles.