Gulang island, China

All right, so we are finally leaving Shenzhen, after our shopping fever, with our bags filled with useless crap and tons of new clothes and thinking, since I’m in China, I have to see some of the famous history destinations, but I have no time to go see Great wall or the Terracotta army……

I know, lets jump on the bullet train going from Shenzhen bei to Xiamen bei 260 km per hour and visit one of the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site that is only three and a half hours far.

The Gulangyu, Gulang Island or Kulangsu.  It is only pedestrian allowed island, so there is no chance that you’re being run over by some “ghost” electric device that swish around you, and you only find out when passing by.

It is small place (approx. two square kilometers) where you get by ferry in about five minutes or you can take a sight seeing one, which would take about an hour and circle the island and show you the Xiamen’s coast.

What to say about the island?

Pearls, wedding pictures, European architecture, Asian architecture, flowers, seafood, mango, beaches, and millions of tourists. This small place is being flooded with almost ten million people every year and you can definitely tell.

However, it is still worth to visit this magical place and just meditate under the hundred years old trees, feel the history, sip mango juice and watch the people who either does the same, or just run around to make as much as pictures as possible and later enjoy? the place at home….

Travel safe