Awesome things to do in Buda and Pest

If you’re in for the first time, these things you definitely need to experience. The gorgeous Capital city of Hungary- Budapest really offers you a lot! From sightseeing, breathtaking views to tasty food-you only need to choose! Maybe you won’t believe me, but in my opinion, Budapest can stay head to head with other European cities in many aspects, and you know what? It’s one of the cleanest cities I’ve ever been. It’s rich in thermal springs and probably one of the most visited capital cities for that kind of purpose.

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Budapest has two faces. I call them the old one and the young one. Originally, this city was created by merging 3 towns into one – Buda, Pest, and Obuda (old Buda). Buda/Obuda part of the city is rich in old architecture while the new part that goes across the Danube river has a totally different appearance. –( personally like Buda part of the city more).

Hungary not only has many interesting cities to visit but it’s also a food heaven. Hungarian cuisine will definitely wake up all your senses. If you’re a great gourmet then you definitely shouldn’t miss Langos (I call it Hungarian pizza), goulash, Hungarian Kolbasz (sausage), plum dumplings and Kurtoskalacs.

The buzzing city of Budapest is old in many aspects. It has the second oldest subway after London, the second largest synagogue in the world, and it’s home to the third largest Parliament building in the world.

So what else you can do in Budapest?

-Visit one of the greatest spas in the city center- the Gellert Bath and spa center.

-Walk down the Danube promenade and enjoy dinner in one of the restaurants.

-Visit Margaret island (2.5 km long), and take photos in front of the Musical Fountain.

– Take photos at the Heroes’ square.

– Visit St Stephen’s Basilica and then go to the amazing Fisherman’s Bastion where you’ll get the most beautiful view of the city.

-The last and the most important stop should definitely be the Citadel which was constructed by the Hapsburgs. The list of what to do in Budapest is simply endless, so you’d better provide yourself at least 5-6 days to feel every part of this gorgeous city!