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Experience the Turkish influence in the Balkans

December 7, 2018 in Blog

 Welcome to the place where civilizations meet! Welcome to the Balkans! By observing every aspect of people’s lives in the Balkans, Turkey’s cultural influence is hard to miss.


Going back through history, you’ll notice that five centuries long Turkish domination left the mark on cuisine, culture, music, language and even gestures in many Balkan countries. If you visited Greece, you couldn’t miss the strong Turkish influence in food and not to try ‘their’ “baklava” and “moussaka”, while sightseeing through many other Balkan countries will make you think twice whether you’re in Turkey or some other country. When we talk about Balkan music, we must admit you that almost all music hits are adaptations of Turkish songs.


The Turkish influence in the Balkans can be seen not only in these aspects but also in the aspect of religion. For example, Serbian Muslims from the region of Sandžak still keep Turkish tradition and their way of living. Women from this part of Serbia wear ‘hijab’ while men strictly respect all Islamic rules. Going through Bosnia, you’ll also see different ways of living- both Islamic and Christian. The capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo, perfectly reflects the history and Turkish architecture, while Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, attracts tourists to visit marvelous Turkish fortress “Kalemegdan”. Since Kalemegdan is located in the heart of the city, it’s impossible to miss this breathtaking place. And…yes! The word ‘Kalemegdan’ is derivated from the Turkish language also. We guess that you also didn’t know that Belgrade had 114 Mosques while being under their boot. Serbian language and especially Bosnian has more than 3.000 Turkish words. Words like jok- no, sarma-Turkish dish, dzezva-coffee pot, kapija- gate, burek, baklava, fildzan- coffee mug, chorba-soup, can be heard on every corner.

Maybe you wouldn’t believe us, but thanks to the Turks, Europeans today enjoy the World’s most famous morning drink- coffee!  It came to Europe after the Battle of Mohacs (1526) in the Kingdom of Hungary when Suleiman the Magnificent took the win against the Hungarian army guided by Louis II (Hungarian-Lajos II). When the group of Hungarian parliamentarians went to sign a contract of peace, an unpleasant surprise was waiting for them.

How the coffee became popular?

As Turks were famous (and they’re still famous) as great hosts, they decided to serve a traditional black domestic coffee to their guests. Since Hungarians haven’t tried anything like that before, the Turkish coffee wasn’t anything else than an awful ‘black soup’ and a great humiliation. Fortunately, people have become crazy for this drink, so today Europeans can enjoy the scent and taste of this drink every day.

Often Mistakes Tourists Make in Bangkok

November 30, 2018 in Blog

Thailand has become a real tourist force in recent years. Its wild spirit, fascinating tourist attractions, and delicious cuisine never left anyone indifferent.

Otherwise called ‘Venice of the East’, the city of Bangkok never sleeps. This fascinating capital city of two sides (rich and poor) offers you to experience both of them. However, these are some of the most common “mistakes” tourists make in Bangkok that should definitely be avoided.



Scams are very common in Phuket and Bangkok. Do not listen to people who want to “inform you” that the attraction you are planning to visit is closed. It often happens that they want to offer you a personalized tour at ‘’a much lower price’’.

Street food

Carefully choosing food and drinks when you’re in a foreign country is always a good idea. However, when it comes to street food in Bangkok, it definitely shouldn’t be missed. We are sure you’ll experience some of the best Thai specialties in street food kiosks. On the other hand, you also need to make sure the kiosk you’ve chosen is clean and proven quality.

Monks’ seats

Many seats in buses, metro, boats and even airports are reserved only for monks. You may often see signs that inform you about this. Always make sure that you did

Bangkok has two airports

This may seem like an initial mistake, but in reality, it happens very often that passengers go to the wrong airport. Not all people know that Bangkok has two international airports – the bigger one- Suvarnabhumi (BKK) and the smaller one- Don Mueang (DMK).


Thais are known as a gentle, and very polite nation. You need to be especially careful not to insult their king or the royal family. It is strictly punishable by Thai law. Do not insult the Buddhist religion, dress appropriately when visiting temples, do not turn your feet to statues and images of the Buddha (or to other people, it’s very rude!). Always put your feet hidden below your legs when sitting in Buddhist temples.

Public transport

Bangkok’s public transport is a great experience and can be considered one of the most popular city attractions. Skytrain (BTS) and Metro (MRT) are modern, air-conditioned and clean transport systems. There is also a line from Suvarnabhumi Airport to the city, which is a great option, especially at the time of the traffic jam.
Bangkok’s river transport offers you to visit luxurious hotel complexes along the Great Palace and the famous Khao San Road along the Chao Praya River for less than a dollar. This type of transport is great for sightseeing and getting an authentic life experience in Bangkok.







Romantic winter destinations

November 20, 2018 in Blog

It’s widely known that winter holidays are traditionally celebrated in the family. However, thanks to the magical atmosphere that adorns many European countries in this period, the time around New Year’s Eve and Christmas seems perfect for going on romantic trips.

Buying gifts, drinking hot chocolate or mulled wine after a long walk on the snow, visiting traditional Christmas markets, ice skating, and chariot-riding are only some of the activities you can enjoy in these European cities.

Strasbourg, France

This gorgeous city on the river Rhine is situated next to the German border. It is home to the oldest Christmas store in France that every year gathers hundreds of tourists. Among the compulsory activities are the romantic meeting on skates, listening to the Christmas concerts on the square and walking through the streets of the old town where you will feel like you’ve switched to the past.

Levi, Finland

Lapland is one of the biggest regions in Finland and a breathtaking winter destination, not only because of the guaranteed snow but also because of the view to Aurora Borealis. In this country, you also have the insane opportunity to experience the safari with irks. Another crazy adventure the enjoyment in a cozy Igloo.

Vienna, Austria

Vienna glows like no other European city in winter! Visitors should definitely not miss the Christmas village in front of the Belvedere Palace, Vienna’s home-made sausages, tasty cakes and mulled wine. Before a trip, it is advisable to book tickets for different concerts and to enjoy the walk under the lights of Kärntner Street and the smell of baked chestnuts.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen boasts a festive mood, with a Christmas market and the most popular event of the season – an exhibition of Christmas dishes organized by the Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Factory. Couples will enjoy a romantic stroll through Nyhavn, which is beautifully decorated at this time, and a visit to Tivoli is also mandatory.

Verona, Italy

Verona is an Italian city of love and romance and is known for the love of Rome and Juliet. This gem of northern Italy has one of the most beautiful Christmas shops, where you can find Pandoro, the famous Christmas cake, that perfectly goes with hot chocolate.


Petra- The Peaceful Oasis of the Middle East

November 13, 2018 in Blog

The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is an Arab state in the Middle East. It borders with Israel, Syria, Iraq and Saudi Arabia, but despite the unstable situation in the region, Jordan is otherwise called the Peaceful Oasis of the Middle East.

The situation was not so bright a few years ago when the Islamic State attacked Syria and Iraq. In that time, tourists nearly stopped visiting Jordan, but then the country managed to get on its feet and recorded approximately 433,000 tourists.

Petra is certainly one the most famous tourist attractions in the country and one of the most amazing archaeological sites in the world. Its popularization has grown with the 1989 Hollywood hit, “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade,” that is still being used as an inspiration for making souvenirs.

The cultural status of this ancient city was confirmed after being listed on the New Seven Wonders list in 2007. The entrance to the city of Petra and the Siq Canyon should definitely be visited.

The canyon leads the visitors to the most famous building of this complex – the famous Treasury (Al Khazneh). Despite the name, it served as a tomb, and its facade carved into the wall represents the symbol of Petra. The treasure is, however, only a small part of a rich archaeological site that extends to 264 km2 and testifies the power of famous Arabian Nabatean kingdom.

While group guides usually visit the Treasury and the surrounding area, those who have more time and are ready for a walk can visit the spectacular “El Deir”. It is otherwise known as a place of sacrifice and is ideal for viewing the surrounding panorama.

As a conclusion, I only have to add that Jordan is an ancient country of special charm and incredible history. It is full of legends and traditions, rich in cultural heritage and architectural attractions. Its beautiful beaches on the Red Sea Coast and the healing waters of the Dead Sea will definitely leave anyone speechless.





Ronda- The city where two architectures collide

November 9, 2018 in Blog

Located 100km west of the city of Malaga, the city of Ronda seduces every visitor with its historic sights and dramatic views. Otherwise called the city of dreams, Ronda definitely has a lot to offer.

What to visit?

Plaza de Toros– Dating from 1785, Plaza de Toros presents one of the oldest bullfighting arenas in Spain. You’ll also have a great opportunity to see not only the artifacts like weapons and attire but also the jackets and hats of famous bullfighters and read about their traditional practices. And here we come to another creepy part- You can also see the mounted heads of famous bulls.

Cono Balconies– Although they look like they’re going to tumble down any second, these hanging balconies still stand over the edge of the Tajo gorge and provide a breathtaking view to Ronda’s sunset.

Puente Nuevo– is definitely the most famous and the most visited Ronda’s attraction that was completed after 40 years of building in 1793. This New Bridge connects The Market with the La Ciudad (The town) and has been a witness of 50 lost lives during the construction process. However, today it’s the location where many of the spectacular tourist shoots are taken from. P.S. Sensible walking shoes and a camera are strongly recommended.

Old city– The old part of Ronda presents a huge contrast from the new part of the city. There’re lots of old Spanish restaurants, shops and picturesque architecture that dates back from Islamic times.

Reseratauro Ronda– is the perfect place for those who adore bullfighting and Andalusian horses. It’s a ranch that breeds fighting bulls (Toro Bravo) and is owned and run by a former Madrid bullfighter Rafael Tejada.

Arab Public Baths– These baths date from the Islamic period and have been later called San Miguel’s Baths. Their location is eminently artisan zone due to the close proximity of the Snake Stream which had provided the baths with water. Although they have been built in the 14th century, they’re still in a pretty good condition. Before you enter the Baths I highly recommend you to watch the educational 15 min- movie that explains a lot about the history of Ronda and how the baths came to be.

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Sithonia-the perfect mix of pine forests and seductive blue sea

November 9, 2018 in Blog

Otherwise known as Longos, the peninsula of Sithonia is located on a peninsula of Chalkidiki in Greece. It’s an ideal place for those who want a superb vacation in untouched nature, far away from overcrowded cities.

Sithonia offers dozens of undiscovered bays, sandy beaches and a stunning fragrance of pine forests that will wake up all your senses.

Here is the list of villages that definitely shouldn’t be missed when staying in Sithonia:

  • The village of Nikiti is located next to the Metamorfosi Bay and is one of the oldest villages in Chalkidiki with 700 years dating back history. It’s cuddled between pine forests, gorgeous blue sea, and traditional stone houses. If you have the opportunity to visit Nikiti, do not miss the church of St. Nicholas. It dates back to 1867, and there are also ruins of the 16th-century church with frescoes from that period. Several prehistoric settlements can also be seen on the surrounding hills while beaches such as Kalogria, Elia and Lagomandra seduce every visitor.

  • Porto Carras resort has been built by a rich Greek businessman. It received approximately 3,000 guests and included a marina for his own yachts, a theater for 4,500 people, sports centers and vineyards. The country has been sold out after his death, so today’s Porto Carras presents an independent tourist resort with three large and luxury hotels in an area of 18km.

  • Toroni- This small village is situated on the very north end of Sithonia. The village is splashed by an insane turquoise sea and presents a perfect family destination. It provides plenty of traditional Greek tavernas and a peaceful

  • Porto Koufo or Porto Koufos is the southernmost location in Sithonia, located on the top of a large closed bay. Surrounded by sharp edges with one of the deepest natural ports in the Aegean Sea, it was used as the base of German submarines in World War II. Many war fortifications can still be seen there.  Koufo  means “deaf” in Greek and the village got named after the saying that the sound of sea can’t be heard. Porto Koufo can be reached by descending steep path through pine forests that opens a magnificent view to the closed bay. It is a fishing village with only 100 inhabitants and is located 140km from Thessaloniki.

  • Sarti is one of the most popular places on the eastern coast of Sithonia. It was named after the ancient town of Sarti, probably located in the same area (it has long disappeared, although there are some ruins that can be visited around the Sikia bay). Today, Sarti is a highly developed tourist village with many small hotels and complexes for tourists, as well as places for camping. I highly recommend you to visit a restaurant called ‘5 steps IN the sand’ that offers a tasty seafood, breathtaking sea view and quiet sound of pine forests.

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The seductive town of Višegrad, Bosnia and Herzegovina

October 24, 2018 in Blog

Nested in the Eastern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the spacious basin of the Drina river, the small town of Višegrad charms every visitor from the very first step. The town became more popular when the Noble Prize winner (1961) Ivo Andrić, published the novel ’’ The Bridge on the Drina’’.

The bridge is Višegrad’s main trademark and definitely provides one of the best views of Bosnian’s untouched nature and river Drina. Višegrad’s old and narrow streets, gorgeous green valleys and deep cut river canyons, Andrićgrad, and Turkish spa make this town even more seductive.

When visiting the fairy-tale looking town of Všegrad, you definitely shouldn’t miss the visit to Andrićgrad (lit. Andrić’s town) a.k.a. Kamengrad (lit. Stonetown). It’s a cultural, tourist, administrative and educational complex designed by World famous film director Emir Kusturica. The complex is 49 % owned by the municipality of Višegrad, and 51 % by Emir Kusturica.

The whole Andrićgrad is inspired by works and characters of a Nobel Prize winner Ivo Andrić and is actually a vision of how Višegrad would have looked like if the Renaissance, Ottoman, and Byzantine periods had gone by it.

From Višegrad, you can also visit the Mokra Gora by the railway. First established in 1906, a narrow-gauge railway links the town of Višegrad with Mokra Gora that is famous for its breathtaking creation also designed by the film director Emir Kusturica. By going to the Mokra Gora, you can also make a stop at Dobrun where is settled one of the oldest Serbian monasteries- The Dobrun Monastery.

If you want to spend a few peaceful and quiet days far away from the city noise and rush, the Višegrad definitely has to offer you everything.

Cinque Terre- The ‘country’ of Christopher Columbus and Garibaldi

October 17, 2018 in Blog

Genoa – the city of Christopher Columbus and Garibaldi and the eternal beauty rival of the city of Venice. With dozens of luxurious palaces, breathtaking old port, high couture shops, and great restaurants, it presents an indescribable life on the Italian Mediterranean Coast.

Genoa’s National park “Cinque Terre” (literally means -five countries) is protected by UNESCO since 1997 and presents a set of five terraced-looking isolated settlements on the steep cliffs of the Ligurian Riviera, which can’t be reached by car. Authenticity and lack of commercialization give Cinque Terre a special charm and its vivid houses of pastel colors, and old narrow streets are something that will not leave anyone indifferent. Cinque Terre is a mix of ancient and modern times so that’s why we encourage you to experience such an Italian fairy tale.

The Cinque Terre’s history

The name ‘’Cinque Terre’’ dates back to the 15th century but the history of the area goes back to the Bronze Age as proven by many bones and tools findings. Due to its great strategic position that strongly rises above the sea, these 5 countries have been attacked hundreds of times by pirates, different North European barbaric tribes, Lombards and Byzantines. However, Cinque Terre succeeded to pass all the troubles and disasters and decided to leave us an insane looking nature and brilliant history.

Things to do in Cinque Terre

Experience the spirit of each village

Your visit to Cinque Terre simply wouldn’t be complete without visiting all five fairytale-looking villages (Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore).

Footpaths of Monterosso

The village of Monterosso is spread over two bays and is famous as the place from where the first Cinque Terre railway station was found. We recommend you to experience the walking on the historic footpaths and to experience the small piece of history (put your sneakers on).

Hidden pearls of Vernazza village

Vernazza’s origins date back to the Roman age and its typical tower-shaped buildings and houses hide the internal village appearance from anyone who’s approaching from the sea. So, if you wanted to experience the village Vernazza from the sea- you definitely made a huge mistake!

Visit the oldest of five villages

If you didn’t know, Corniglia is nestled between the hills and is the oldest of five villages. Since it doesn’t have a port, it relied more on wine-producing skills than fishing.  The village’s unreal looking terraced fields like Saint Mary’s Terrace are perfect for making breathtaking photos and there is one more interesting thing about this village. It has only one ‘easy-to-get’ beach called Spiaggione that was accidentally created for the train station purpose. So, if you want to go to this beach, you’ll need only a few steps from the station.

Visit the breathtaking beaches of Riomaggiore

The village of Riomaggiore is definitely tourists’ favorite Cinque Terre’s village because of its wonderful beaches and colorful buildings randomly settled on the high cliffs.

Rent a boat

To get a better impression of Cinque Terre’s beaches and landscape, we recommend you to rent a boat.

Discover all Cinque Terre trails

Since you can’t get to Cinque Terre by car (only by train), then you can discover all its historic trails by your feet and not only that….you’ll also get the opportunity to visit timeless Ligurian monuments like Chiesetta dell’Angelo Custode, Oratorio di San Rocco, Oratorio di Santa Maria, Church of San Francesco…

Café’s in Cinque Terre

Er Posu Café

Via Fieschi 5219018 Corniglia, Italy

+39 329 443 6460


This old-school Italian café will definitely provide you with a domestic Italian experience. It’s a great place to take a break after hiking the cliffs or to have a morning espresso.



Caffe Matteo

Via Fieschi 15719018 Corniglia, Italija

+39 0187 821044


Caffe Matteo is the place where you can get not only a coffee but also a croissant and beautiful freshly squeezed orange juice. In fact, you can visit it at any time of the day because it offers you different tasty meals.

Good restaurants for Lunch in Cinque Terre

A Pie de Ma

Via dell’Amore 55, 19017 Riomaggiore, Italy

+39 0187 921037


If you want to enjoy both lunch and wonderful sea view then this is the right place for you. We recommend you to try local Ligurian wines, olives, and cheese ‘cause there’re no many life opportunities to taste such a hedonism.

Trattoria dal Billy

Via Aldo Rollandi 12219017 Manarola, Italy

+39 0187 920628


This is definitely an unforgettable place where you can enjoy seafood in all shapes. We highly recommend you to try the Mixed Antipasto Di Mare ‘cause it’s great for those who want a little bit of everything (aromas of herbs mixed with the finest seafood).


Good restaurants for dinner in Cinque Terre

K&Pris Pizzeria Pinseria

Via Telemaco Signorini 673/B | Via Telemaco signori 643/B19017 Riomaggiore, Italija

+39 324 548 9905


Let’s admit! No visit to Italy would be complete without eating an originally prepared Italian Pizza. The staff is friendly and it’s so fun watching a chef while making pizza. It’s simply the best way to finish your day.


Nessun Dorma Cinque Terre

Località Punta Bonfiglio19017 Manarola, Italija

+39 340 888 4133

This restaurant is definitely the highlight of Cinque Terre. You’ll get all in one place- kindly people, pleasant atmosphere, wonderful view and the most important- tasty local food with a long tradition. It’s equally good to visit it for lunch or dinner!

Experience a real ‘carpe diem’ in Italian city of Trieste

October 8, 2018 in Blog

Slightly isolated from the rest of Italy, the city of Trieste attracts and seduces visitors with its Habsburg architecture, cozy cafes and restaurants and intriguing history.

Trieste’s history:

The haunting city of Trieste has always been in the center of culturally diverse history. Since it was the part of several countries, it’s unofficially called ‘the nowhere place’. Trieste is culturally connected to the Venetians, to the Balkans, to the Greeks, to the Jews, to the Austrians, and to the all who thrived there.

What to visit?

Visit historic sites

When visiting Trieste, historic sites like Casa Polacco, Casa Fonda, Casa Schott, and Casa Junz Calabrese shouldn’t be missed.

Visit Points of interest and gorgeous landmarks

The best way of discovering Trieste is definitely by foot. Take photos at Piazza dell’Unita d’ Italia, and visit Centrale Idrodinamica to discover how the technologies in the past were used, and enjoy in glittering sunset at Molo Audace.

Shopping heaven

In Trieste, you can find one of the most famous European Outlets called Palmanova where you can buy branded clothes and footwear at low prices.

Book a tour through the Caves of Torri di Slivia

This cave is over 100 meters deep and is one of the most astonishing places in Trieste. We highly recommend you to take a jacket and appropriate footwear cause the cave temperature ranges between 6-9 C degrees.

Take a walk on the seashore

After a busy day spent, walking through Barcola suburb will provide you a real nirvana state of mind. Enjoy the sun, the shore and many cozy and authentic restaurants.


Antico Caffe San Marco

Via Cesare Battisti 18, 34125, Trieste, Italy

+39 040 064 1724

This is one of the oldest and most famous Trieste’s cafes. You can have your coffee where Jame Joyce spent a great deal of time! It’s 2 in 1- a cafe and a bookshop, so you can also enjoy reading while  ‘coffing’.


Antico Caffe Torinese

Corso Italia 2, 34121, Trieste, Italy

+39 389 654 3611

Antico Café Torinese is our second choice. It’s an amazing gem with cozy and old-fashioned furniture, polite staff, and a wonderful coffee selection.


Osteria di Mare alla Voliga

Via Della Fornace 1, 34131, Trieste, Italy

+39 040 309606

If you’re a lover of seafood, then this is the place where you’ll taste the originally Italian seafood specialties. This Osteria is a pearl of Trieste with a long food preparing tradition and is definitely worth a visit!

Trattoria Nerodiseppia

Via Luigi Cadorna 23, 34123, Trieste, Italy

+39 040 301377

Trattoria Nerodiseppia is a family restaurant where locals prefer to eat. Valentina’s home cooked Italian food has never left anyone indifferent, so we are pretty sure you’ll be also thrilled with our recommendation.


Chimera di Bacco

Via del Pane 2, 34121, Trieste, Italy

+39 040 364023

After having a tour through the city of Trieste, restaurant Chimera di Bacco may become your delightful spot for the end of the day. Slightly different from our previous two choices, this modern-looking restaurant offers a great option of both traditional and seafood.

Ristorante Le Terrazze

Strada Costiera 22, 34151, Trieste, Italy

+39 040 224 7033

This luxury restaurant with a spectacular sea view, nested high in the cliffs offers you to try unique food creations, good local beer, and regional wines and delicious gelatos. It’s certainly worth a visit ‘cause it will provide you a true food hedonism.


Experience the unique mix of ancient and modern times in the town of Zadar

October 3, 2018 in Blog

The vibrant town of Zadar is a unique mix of ancient and modern times that attracts thousands of tourists to listen to its wonderful Sea Organ, experience its perfectly turquoise sea and taste Croatian traditional cuisine.

Zadar’s History

Settled in the heart of the Adriatic Coast, the town of Zadar makes the urban center of North Dalmatia an administrative, cultural and political center of the region with 75.000 inhabitants. It’s irresistible for everyone who admires treasury of the archaeological and monumental riches and possesses visible marks of ancient and medieval times. In history, Zadar first appeared in the 4th century BC as a settlement of the Illyrian tribe of Liburnians. The first name of the town was Jadera (Roman roots), and by its ‘walking’ through history, the name was changed into Idassa (Greek roots), Diadora, Zara (region of Venice, later Italy) to today’s name Zadar. What to visit? Sea Organ Carefully situated on the western side of Zadar, this First World’s Sea Organ produce the most lovable music of the Adriatic Sea. The lower steps of the organs allow water to flow in, so each sound you hear never sounds the same twice in a row. Visit Kornati Islands by boatKornati islands are nested on the meeting point of Zadar and Šibenik Islands and make the strangest archipelago on the Mediterranean. Its 140 uninhabited islands will definitely provide you with a unique experience. Visit PuntamikaYour visit to Zadar wouldn’t be complete without a walk through Zadar’s famous Puntamika. It’s an area that dates back to Neolithic settlements but at the same time offers a lot of modern facilities such as bars, restaurants, and cafes. This place buzzes until late night hours so you’d better be prepared! St Donatus ChurchThe Church of St Donatus is definitely one of the most important Zadar symbols. This pre-Romanesque church dates back to the 9th century and was known under the name The Church of the Holy Trinity until the 15th century. Enjoy Zadar’s breathtaking sunset you probably haven’t heard for the saying that Zadar is the proud owner of the World’s most beautiful sunset. Even a world-famous film director Hitchcock shared the same opinion! If you have the opportunity to visit Zadar then you definitely must experience its Monument to the Sun!  Cafes: Beach and Cocktail Bar Bamboo

Obala Kneza Domagoja bbZadar 23000, Croatia

+385 98 756 998

This is definitely the place for enjoying your first morning espresso or Frappe ‘cause it will provide you with everything you need- a gorgeous sea view, great music, and a pleasant atmosphere. It’s simply the right place for spending a day at the beach. Café Danica

Shiroka Ulica 1, Zadar 23000, Croatia

+385 23 337 294


Café Danica offers you not only a coffee but also the tastiest cakes, ice creams, and pies you’ll ever try. It’s nested in the main Zadar street and its guests always rush to try their delicious Ferrero cake.



Konoba Bonaca

Trg Tri Bunara 4Zadar 23000, Hrvatska

+385 23 779 262


This Konoba is the restaurant with a log seafood preparing tradition. If you wanted to try domestic and unique Croatian seafood then you’re in the right place.


Restaurant Martinac

Ulica Alesandra Paravije 7Zadar 23000, Hrvatska

+385 98 308 869


Restaurant Martinac is our second suggestion because it’s one of the best Dalmatian lunch spots. The courtyard is so cozy that will make you feel like you’re at home. You can expect traditional and delicious food, super friendly staff and calm and quiet oasis.



Restaurant Kastel

Bedemi Zadarskih Pobuna 13 | Hotel BastionZadar 23000, Hrvatska

+385 23 494 950


This marvelous restaurant is situated in the Hotel Bastion and it’s simply superb! We highly recommend you to try the Ceviche (a famous Peruvian seafood dish) that will wake up all your senses.


Bon Appetite Restaurant

Ulica Mihovila Pavlinovica 4 | Zadarska rivaZadar 23000, Hrvatska

+385 23 335 550


If you’re the lover of having a dinner with a sea view then this is the place where your day will get a perfect and tasty end. It’s simply indescribable place with kind staff, incredible view, and a pleasant atmosphere.



The buzzing town of Zadar is the place for those who want to get ‘a little bit’ of everything- the Roman ruins, historical museums, medieval churches, crystal clear sea, and cosmopolitan places for chilling!