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Tallinn- The Estonian Fairytale-looking City

June 22, 2019 in Blog

Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, is one of the most fairytale-looking European cities.

It is one of the favorite destinations of tourists that visit Baltic countries where the Baltic cruisers take breaks in the period from May to September.

Only a few hours of visiting are enough for experiencing a real medieval atmosphere in this Baltic’s pearl.

The good thing is that the port is very close to the city center. It is located just 800 meters from the entrance to the city fort from the Middle Ages through the famous Viru Gate.

The greater part of the city is converted into pedestrian zones and is not allowed for traffic. Through the Old Town, you can find trams, tourist Hop-on / hop-off” buses, and cheap taxi, so it is convenient to take a tour through the city even when it rains. Most of the sights can be visited in just one day.

I suggest you visiting the Seaplane Harbor Maritime Museum that is settled on the very edge of the fortified old port. The central point is the main town square, Raekoja Plats, where you can find a beautiful Gothic townhouse and old pharmacy building. The streets are narrow and curved, paved with cobblestones, while the colorful houses of old and wealthy Hanseatic traders are covered with spherical and steep roofs, sprinkled with fairytale towers, bells, and domes of churches.

From the Tompe hill, on the southwestern edge of the Old Town, there is an impressive fortress where today is the Estonian government located. In addition to it, the Cathedral is dedicated to the Virgin Mary from the 13th century.

The Kadriorg Park is certainly worth visiting and it’s located out of the Old Town. Here you’ll find the Baroque Palace Kadriorg which was built by the Russian Empress Katarina I.

Thessaloniki- The City of Ancient History of Young Heart

June 13, 2019 in Blog

The city of Thessaloniki is the 2nd largest city in Greece. It has a rich multicultural history, charming atmosphere, and a friendly ambiance that seduce every visitor from the first sight. It offers an impressive cultural mix that was influenced by the Romans, Venetians, and Ottoman Turks. Visitors are awed by the ancient ruins, Byzantine churches, and the world-class archaeology museum, one of the best in Greece.

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4 Best Places to Visit in Slovenia

May 25, 2019 in Blog

It’s always a good time for a vacation in Slovenia. This small country has a variety of natural resources, which makes it an attractive tourist destination throughout the year.

Slovenia’s commitment to the conservation of nature makes it a unique green destination, ideal for an active holiday, with more than 10,000km of hiking trails, mountain ranges, lakes, and thermal spas. With tasty gastronomy, excellent wines and the promotion of organic food and healthy life, Slovenia is a decision worth your attention. Here is the list of most popular places to visit when staying in Slovenia:

Kranjska Gora

Kranjska Gora presents the most popular tourist place during winter months. It is located in the northwest of Slovenia and every year gathers thousands of lovers of winter sports. Its most popular resort of Vitranc looks equally beautiful during the summer season too. Tourists can enjoy hiking, try mountain biking, or simply breathe the amazingly fresh air you’ll not find anywhere else.


Settled on the coast of the Adriatic sea, this Slovenian city resort presents the reminiscent of Italy. It was the part of the Venetian Empire for more than five centuries. History buffs might want to explore landmarks like the main square called Tartinijev square, the oldest building in the city called the Venetian House and the Church of St. George. Despite the fact Piran is small, it’s one of the most scenic places you’ll visit in Slovenia.


Here it comes the most beautiful landscape of Slovenia- the National Park of Triglav. The park is surrounded by the Julian Alps and was named after Triglav- the highest mountain in the park which is also the highest summit in Slovenia.

With highlights in the region including the towering peak of Mount Triglav itself as well as the calm waters of Lake Bohinj, this sleeping beauty will leave you speechless.

Lake Bled

Serving as a gateway to the Triglav National Park, the Lake of Bled is famous for its picture-perfect island settled in the middle of lake’s turquoise waters. The views are spectacular from its high vantage point: the iconic Bled Island sitting amid the emerald green waters and surrounded by a lush forest make for one of the most beautiful places on Earth. The lake of Bled is especially popular during summer months when people rush here to enjoy swimming. In my opinion, the most popular private beach is located in Vila Bled’s lakeside hotel.


Malta- The Island of Dreams and Knights

May 11, 2019 in Blog

Malta is a small Mediterranean island settled between Sicily and Tunisia that attracts thousands of tourists every year. The first thing that every tourist will notice when comes to Malta is a magnificent and splendidly preserved architecture. The capital of Malta- La Valeta (or just Valletta) is an atypical baroque fort where you’ll experience a total pleasure. La Valeta’s narrow and windy streets might confuse you and provide you with the impression that you can easily get lost.

What to do when staying in Malta?

Visit Malta’s beaches

Many tourists come to Malta to summer vacation. It’s an island of a large number of beaches so even when you are in the center of the island, the closest beach is only a few kilometers away. Beaches near Valletta are rocky and very attractive but with an inconvenient approach. However, there are a few sandy beaches and bays as well. The best way to discover the whole island is to rent a bicycle and to enjoy gorgeous and unreal looking nature at the same time.

Try archery and horse riding

The rich military history of the island that dates since the Middle Ages is also responsible for the development and popularity of archery. Today in Malta, there are numerous archery schools where tourists can try this sport. Horse riding is another activity that has been preserved in the Maltese tradition. So, in case you adore horses, you can try horse riding on one of the beaches.

Try jeep safari

Despite the fact that the island of Malta is small in size, there are still some hidden places that can not be reached by public transport. There are many gorgeous and hidden gems that only locals can show you. As a tourist, you can pay a jeep safari tour and discover the insane looking nature of Malta. Local agencies also organize kayak tours along the coast to visit untouched beaches, bays, and caves that can not be reached from the mainland.

Visit Fort St.Elmo

This Fort was built in the XVI century as the main spot for protecting the city La Valletta from the Ottoman Empire. This was the focal point of the Siege of Malta which happened in 1565 and was a bloody period in history when some 1,500 knights lost their lives.

Visit the Ancient capital of Malta

Mdina is the ancient capital of Malta that is nested on a scenic hill in the center of the island. The word ‘mdina’ or ‘medina’ in the Arabic language means ‘the city’. So, as you can guess, thanks to the Tunisian influence, this city got the name Mdina. It is famous for being encircled by dominating fortifications and as such, it is not to be missed if you are something of a history buff.

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What to Visit in Tropea, Italy

April 22, 2019 in Blog

If you want to spend a vacation on one of the most beautiful beaches in the World, then Tropea in Italy is the right place for you. Settled in the region of Calabria, this small Italian town presents a popular tourist destination because of its unreal crystal clear waters and dramatic landscapes. The sightseeing attractions mainly include the many beaches and the older section of the town that is lined with ancient houses and villas, many of which are old and crumbling.

Otherwise called ‘The Coast of the Gods’, the name tells a lot about the natural beauties of this heaven on Earth. Here is the list of things to do when visiting Tropea:

Visit Benedictine Sanctuary of Santa Maria dell’ Isola

This fairytale-looking church is perched atop a rocky cliff that stands above sandy beaches of Tropea. It dates from the 4th century and can be reached only by climbing the stairs carved directly into the cliffside.

Walking through the town center

It’s true that Tropea is a small town, however, here you will never feel bored. The town is full of bars, gelaterias, pizzerias, and tavernas. I highly recommend trying local cuisine in Lido Tropical restaurant.

If you want to avoid the crowdy old Tropea town, have dinner at Lido Tropical, along the beach. You will experience a nice atmosphere by the gentle manager and his crew. Delicious seafood you will adore, freshly served and full of local Calabrian flavors!

Visit Piazza Ercole

This piazza presents the hot spot of Tropea. Since it’s a central square, here you’ll find hundreds of tourist and locals buzzing around.

Visit Duomo

Duomo is Tropea’s most important religious place. The Norman cathedral is also one of the most interesting buildings in the town, known for its impressive architecture. Inside the cathedral are various beautiful decorations and impressive artworks.

The Gothic City of Siena

April 17, 2019 in Blog

Let’s step aside to one of the oldest Italian cities. Welcome to the city of Siena! This amazing and historical place seduces with its sleepless environment, medieval architecture and cozy atmosphere.

In my opinion, I think there is no person who will not become thrilled with its central piazza known as Il Campo. It’s legendary for Palio horse race that takes place twice a year and draws hundreds of spectators, while during the rest of the year it presents the main place for people’s meetings.

Unlike other Italian cities that sparkle with excessive luxury, the city of Sienna succeeded to keep its own unique charm. So, you’d better not expect to go shopping and eating at expensive restaurants ‘cause this place has to offer only plenty of Gothic architecture and marvelous history.

Among the buildings overlooking Piazza del Campo, you will see and should visit the Palazzo Comunale (or Palazzo Pubblico, which is the city’s Town Hall) and the Torre del Mangia. Furthermore, the city has a range of fantastic museums and galleries such as the Siena Civic Museum and the National Gallery. The historic center of Siena is one of the best preserved in the region and is a true joy to explore.

What else to visit?

From other magnificent treasures of Siena, I highly recommend you visit the Cathedral, the Crypt, and the Piccolomini Library of Piazza del Duomo. The Cathedral is enriched with works signed by famous artists such as Donatello, Nicola Pisano, Michelangelo and Pinturicchio.

After you’ve visited all previously mentioned monuments, it’s definitely time for a break and to try one of the best Siena’s specialties- ice cream! Bar Pasticceria Nannini offers the best ice cream you’ll ever taste.

The Museum dell’Opera contains many of the original art pieces from the Cathedral. The most popular part of the museum is the panoramic view point at the top where you will have a magnificent view of the Cathedral as well as the rooftops of Siena and the Tuscan hills.

Top 3 Places To Visit in Provence

March 22, 2019 in Blog

Visiting the region of Provence in France presents an enchanting nifty adventure during which you travel through time, history, different tastes, and scents. It reveals the quiet, yet powerful joy of life.

If you are willing to discover some of the most beautiful villages in this region and to find out its well-kept secrets, this might be the perfect place for your adventure! That’s why I have chosen to write about the most picturesque villages in Provence. Each Provence’s village represents the world for itself with a unique atmosphere and a breeze of history.

  1. The village of Gordes

In my opinion, the Gordes village simply seduces with its sleepy fortress standing over. It was built by the Romans and was renovated during the period of the Renaissance. Make sure you have enough time to walk down its narrow streets and enjoy in its countryside.

  1. Porquerolles

If you love swimming and spending time in untouched nature, then the village of Porquerolles will definitely leave you speechless. It offers insane white sand beaches, turquoise sea, and rugged cliffs. Approximately 50 years ago, it was a private area, but today is a widely famous protected area that has left unreclaimed.

  1. Cassis

The village of Cassis represents one of the most popular places when visiting the region of Provence. If you want to visit it then make sure you experience the taste of their famous vines. The Cassis’ dramatic scenery, the lavender scent, pastel-colored buildings, and summer breeze are something that you’ll remember forever.

The volcanic island of Santorini, Greece

March 7, 2019 in Blog

If you’ve been searching for your next travel destination, I want to represent you with the magical island of Santorini. Unlike any other Greek island, this Cyclades’ island lives on the ‘’active’’ volcanic isle and it’s famous for the magnificent looking caldera. Your dream about the turquoise waters now may become true ‘cause Santorini will provide you with a real festival of colors. The white buildings with blue roofs on one side, and countless shades of blue on the other.

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The Best Secret Gems Of Italy

February 13, 2019 in Blog

If you’re searching to visit some unusual and still undiscovered places in Italy, and you’re not a huge lover of crowds, here’re some of the best secret Italian gems to visit.

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The chaotic-looking town of Positano

February 13, 2019 in Blog

A widely famous Italian Almafi Coast attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists every year.

If you were searching for something slightly different and a bit chaotic, then the small town of Positano is everything you need. The Almafi Coast in Italy can be a little overwhelming if it’s your first time visiting or your fifth time there. The town of Positano is a mixture of relaxed romance, picturesque architecture, chaotic cliffs and buzzing atmosphere, and it’s certainly worth a visit.

What to do in Positano?

I highly recommend you to rent a boat to get the best impression. When staying in Positano, visiting other cities or islands of Almafi Coast is ’a must’. The island of Capri is highly recommended since you’ll be able to visit the famous Blue Grotto.

Another place to visit is the town nestled between the hills of Almafi Coast called Ravello where you’ll get the best view and sunset in Italy.

Towns like Pompeii and Herculaneum are the witnesses of ancient times where you can get the piece of history by visiting Casa del Menandro, Forum, and other ancient ruins.

Positano is a high-class tourist town where you can enjoy lying on the Marina Grande -300 m long beach and swimming in the endlessly turquoise sea. Its multi-hued buildings look like they’re going to tumble down any second while drinking the best Italian wines will make you experience a real Dolce Vita.

From restaurants, I highly recommend you to have a lunch break in Spiaggia Bar Ristorante La Marinella that will provide you not only a wonderful tasty food, but also a breathtaking view to a sweet little beach.

The higher you climb the Positano streets, the more breathtaking views you’ll get. If you’re a hike – lover this place is a paradise on Earth ’cause you’ll get the unique opportunity to walk through the Footpaths of the Gods.