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Bali Hai Is Calling

September 27, 2018 in Blog


Can you remember that song? Was it in South Pacific? Ok, for the younger ones, this was a haunting song from a musical not many of those around these days! which in those days seemed like a world away from our everyday lives.

But these days Bali has much to offer and it is within most peoples trip of a lifetime holiday plans.

Where is it? It is one of the islands of Indonesia. If you look at a world map, Bali is North West of Australia sitting between Jakarta and East Timor in Indonesia.

What does it have to offer? Well, it could probably be listed amongst some of the most beautiful places in the world. The island is practically ringed with white sand beaches and clear water.

It has an active volcano at its center, rice fields abound everywhere and Hindu temples, complete with offerings to the Gods, are scattered throughout the island.

The island is famous for its batik cloth and paintings. Balinese culture includes the colorful and unique dance troupes as well as its famous wood carvings.

This truly is a beautiful and serene place where the local people love to show off their cultural heritage. They welcome visitors from all around the world and offer many kinds of exciting experiences along with the usual snorkeling, diving programs, horse-riding and boat trips to other islands.

This surely must be one of the most exotic and far flung places you could ever wish to visit.

Selecting The Destination For Boat Travel

September 22, 2018 in Blog

Once you have decided that you would be taking a holiday on a cruise, sailing through small cities and ports, your next step would be to decide on which cruise you should opt for. One is spoilt for choice with the luxurious spread of boat trips that one can choose from. Knowing about a few simple trends and measures, could help you choose that perfect ship which would be ideal in every respect for you and make your journey a memorable one.

Decide on the time span of your boat travel. Do not plan a long voyage if you have little time available on hand. Visiting one or two ports over a period of three to four days could be cheap. Fellow passengers on such cruises are likely to be youthful, partying kinds. Short, week-long cruises are more popular, and comparatively cheaper, they usually visit more ports of call. However, seven days, can pass by soon and you might still have fellow passengers who are party animals. Cruises which are longer than a week visit more ports of call and in locations more exotic, like the Mediterranean or the South of America, though your co-passengers are likely to be more restrained. The cost and time involved in such cruises hamper more people from opting for them.

While making your decision, do keep in mind your budget. You have a large range to choose from and you are sure to find one that fits your choice. Web sites and travel agents could offer you great deals at low prices. Be aware of port, cruise cancellation insurance, and airfare charges and whether your cruise is charging you for them or not.

Apart from time and money there are other factors which you should consider before selecting on something suitable. Time of travel, ability to carry out your hobbies, and the number of ports you want to visit, should also be considering factors. There is nothing as frustrating as being stuck at sea, while you are sailing past through beautiful islands. Some places are easily accessible and sometimes more popular during the winter; Mexico, the Caribbean, and the Panama Canal, are such destinations; but visitors should be careful of hurricane seasons. Again European and Alaskan cruises are usually not available during winter months.

Incase you have other preferences apart from that of money, time and itinerary; consider them before you zero in on a particular choice. Though differences between different vessels have been lessened over time, there are a few which are better and much more luxurious than the others. Evaluations of cruise ships are available online as well as in travel journals, ask your travel agent or talk to friends.

As a conclusion, remember that, scouring the available options for your next cruise however is not the time to give up what you actually want; be it an opportunity to watch whales in Alaska or have your hair braiding done in Nassau.

Begin In Beijing – Beijing Travel Information

September 16, 2018 in Blog


The best way to kick off your Asian travels is in China’s progressive and even tragically hip capital city of Beijing. Traditional relics like the Tiananmen gate stand juxtaposed against the imposing modernist architecture of recent history, most notable in the Dashanzi Art District. The Peoples Republic of China has its financial industries mainly in Shanghai and Hong Kong, but Beijing remains the nation’s true cultural and political center.

Orange County Meets Ming Dynasty in Beijing

When many travelers think of Beijing, they imagine the dictatorial atmosphere of Mao Zedong or television images of protesting citizens; however, Beijing has a tremendous history beginning as early as the 1st century BCE and has persevered through Kublai Kahns Mongols, Japanese invasion, and the Communist Civil War victory in 1949.

The Forbidden City is a fascinating journey through 500 years of Imperial secrecy. The head of state no longer resides here and the beautiful buildings and breathtaking gardens are open to the public year-round. The entrance to the Forbidden City is the infamous Tiananmen Square and gate, protected by four formidable marble lions. Nearby, the Temple of Heaven is another sublime representation of an era of dynasties and royal architecture. With airfare to Beijing, you also have the extra opportunity to see the Great Wall of China, which is only one and a half hours away by bus.

Although there are hundreds of historical sites in Beijing, the rapidly sprawling metropolis is also overflowing with contemporary wonders and luxuries. The National Zoo houses the largest inland aquarium in the world as well as China’s famous pandas. Next to the Imperial Palace, the Wan Fung Art Gallery provides insight into the artistic transition from regal and traditional to cutting edge contemporary. Most interestingly, the suburban sprawl has witnessed the creation of a $60 million American-inspired community called Orange County, complete with town homes and tract housing.

Chinese Cultural Centrifuge in Beijing

Experience two cultural traditions in one at the Laoshe Tea House where you will be both charmed by Chinese opera and soothed by a variety of traditional teas. For world-class shopping in Beijing, visit Wangfujing, or you can find your way into the many enchanting smaller districts for traditional Chinese shops and boutiques. Beijing is also home to several notable temples like the Miaoying, and even a mosque that was built in 996 during the Liao Dynasty (916-1125).

With such dynamic experiences to offer and the immaculate preservation of its past, Beijing is truly an international city and there’s no wonder the cosmopolis has been chosen for the Olympics. Get your airfare to Beijing now or wait for the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing.

Morocco Vacations And Hotel Information

September 6, 2018 in Blog

Before you venture on your Moroccan holiday it is important to make sure all of your accommodation requirements are taken care off. One of the advantages to holidaying in Morocco is the fact that regardless of your budget, you can find a reasonable rest house for the duration of you stay. Even the most basic room can be found at a reasonable cost with adequate amenities and a clean comfortable atmosphere.

Depending on the destination of choice while staying in Morocco, the money you will pay for accommodation will vary. The capital city of Rabat offers reasonable accommodation for almost any budget, but with the more luxurious to be found in the city centre. The Mercure Hotel in Rabat is situated in the heart of the city and is only five minutes away from the main historic monuments.

Another reasonably priced hotel to be found in Rabat is the Sheherazade Hotel. This hotel is set in a quiet residential area and is a stones through from the tour hassan and the Mohammed V Mausoleum. Offering a gracious and comfortable stay, the Sheherazade Hotel is perfect for any traveler. Located just 15 minutes from the Rabat-sale international airport, this hotel is ideal for your every need.

Or for a more luxurious stay then the La Tour Hassan Meridian 5 star hotel offers a perfectly situated hotel with all amenities at the highest standard.

The hotels to be found in Marrakesh range from the ridiculously expensive to the affordable comfortable abode. For those looking for special treatment while staying in Marrakesh, then a stopover at the La Maison Arabe is called for. Known as the culinary place to be, the La Maison Arabe hotel offers not just a congenial place to rest your head, but a gastronomic feast. Even our very own Winston Churchill made a point of dining here!

The Ksar Char-Bagh Palace is stylish and handsome. Situated in the heart of the snow topped peaks of the Atlas mountains and nested between stunning palm groves, the Ksar Char-Bagh Palace is a treasure to Marrakesh.

Taroudant is a popular day trip location for the Moroccan traveler. This location has a certain charm and grace to be found no where else in Morocco and is set in the midst of groves of oranges and pomegranates. The high walls which surround this majestic land are tinted with pink and orange and is a sight to be seen, For those who wish to extend there stay then the La Gazelle D’or hotel offers an exceptional five star service. This hotel not only provides all the luxury you could wish for but is also situated in a 250 acre park which takes your breath away.

The hotels in each area are an example of the quality and class to be found. Obviously depending on your own budget, these hotels may be suited to your needs or you may want to consider unadorned or more reasonably priced accommodation. Although even the more basic establishments can provide adequate accommodation at a sound price. This is one of the attractions to Morocco, there is something to suit everyone.