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by M.Hojka

Spa Gräfenberg

September 27, 2018 in Blog

Jesenik most famous spa….

All right, so today I’ll tell you a little something about one place in Czech Republic I really like.

This is a really old and famous place called Spa Gräfenberg or in Czech Lazne Jesenik, or in English Jesenik Spa, etc.

Why am I writing about this not know piece of land even? Well, actually this place has been very well known for quite a long time now.

It all begun in 1843 with the farmer named Vincenz Priessnitz, who has made this place famous all over the world. One day as he was outdoor he has witnessed, wounded deer come to a pond in the forest, to calm his wounds. Vincenz was probably thinking how strange it was and came back the following day again, to find the same animal at the same place again. After watching him to come back for about a month, he has acknowledged that the wound has healed completely and the dear has walked away.

Vincenz then has started the same procedures on people, just to discover that these waters really have healing power. Soon enough he has had patients from far away who has heard about his power.

Until these days the spa is using the same methods, using cold water in so called “hydrotherapy” also known as “Nature Cure”.

Don’t believe me? Well I guess you just have to pack your backpack and head there to check it out.

If you arrive and don’t wanna spend your money on paid procedures, you can use the outdoor balneo park, which is very popular and, well free.

Let me know if you liked that..

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by M.Hojka

The pearl of Baltic, Gdansk

September 8, 2018 in Blog


Hey, I’m back, or I should say, I’m on the road again. And where? Actually in Poland. What? In Poland? Why? You could ask. Well you’ll be surprised, but I’m in Gdansk.

Hmm, OK, go on….

Well, where should I start?

Gdansk, or as they call it “Baltic pearl” is really surprisingly real pearl as I feel it.

The old town (and that is what this article will be about) is really one of a king experience.

When you enter thru the one of the historical gates (Bread gate, Cow gate, Green gate, Milk gate, Traders gate…………) you’ll find your self in whole different world.

You’re in history all the sudden…. The narrow buildings are beautifully restored with warm touch, the stone under your feet feels soft as you walk and most importantly, there is no real crowd. Yes, there is a lots of tourists but still you could feel the breath of the history and feel the atmosphere uninterrupted.

When you get to the canal, of course with tasty ice cream in your hand, which they sell everywhere, you’ll stand and watch the transition of historical granaries to modern homes and hotels, with the preserving of the original looks. What I value the most? There are local people living in the old town houses! For me it means keeping the neighborhood integrity, even when being very popular for foreign tourists.

Gdansk, please stay as you are, don’t change to the requests of people who come once and never comes back, because that is exactly what really amazes me on you.

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by M.Hojka

Magical Hong kong

August 26, 2018 in Blog

Alright, so where should we go this time? Stay in Asia for little more time? OK, lets take a look at another giant. Hong Kong, or as Hong Kong people say 香港 “Xiang gang”, which literally means “Spice harbor” or “Fragrant harbor”.  If you arrive in this city for the first time, I’m sure you’re going to feel lost and overwhelmed with feelings and smells, which will put you into state of insanity for a while. At least I was J

However, when you get the city under your control, it will show its opposite face and you’ll fall in love with it. The way this place lives its own live amazes me every time I visit, and every time I find new little street, new small street food stand, new person in the park, new fisherman on the shore, new musician on the street or a new smell, that just makes me find out more about. The city is magical and it works the magic on everyone who lives there or visit.

Sure, there are things you will have trouble to understand and tag along with, such as the huge differences between the very poor and very rich, that are visible on almost every street, but you just have to understand that this is how it should be……. I guess……

Anyhow, take this as your harbor city when exploring Southeast Asia and you won’t be sorry.

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by M.Hojka

Gulang island, China

August 20, 2018 in Blog

All right, so we are finally leaving Shenzhen, after our shopping fever, with our bags filled with useless crap and tons of new clothes and thinking, since I’m in China, I have to see some of the famous history destinations, but I have no time to go see Great wall or the Terracotta army……

I know, lets jump on the bullet train going from Shenzhen bei to Xiamen bei 260 km per hour and visit one of the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site that is only three and a half hours far.

The Gulangyu, Gulang Island or Kulangsu.  It is only pedestrian allowed island, so there is no chance that you’re being run over by some “ghost” electric device that swish around you, and you only find out when passing by.

It is small place (approx. two square kilometers) where you get by ferry in about five minutes or you can take a sight seeing one, which would take about an hour and circle the island and show you the Xiamen’s coast.

What to say about the island?

Pearls, wedding pictures, European architecture, Asian architecture, flowers, seafood, mango, beaches, and millions of tourists. This small place is being flooded with almost ten million people every year and you can definitely tell.

However, it is still worth to visit this magical place and just meditate under the hundred years old trees, feel the history, sip mango juice and watch the people who either does the same, or just run around to make as much as pictures as possible and later enjoy? the place at home….

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by M.Hojka

China, Shenzhen

August 7, 2018 in Blog

China? Yes, China. Enormous, modern, crowded, clean, dirty, surprising, delicious, cultural giant.

This time I went to the world capitol of manufacturers and traders, Shenzhen. This unbelievable city is situated in Southeast of Asia, laying right next to Hong Kong’s border is the Mecca of all shoppers, whether it’s your hobby or job.

First city in the world to use all electric public buses, taxis, scooters, bikes, boards of all kinds, trikes, you name it. Everything illuminated with LED lights in any possible light spectrum, buzzing, beeping, swishing around you anytime day or night. This city never sleeps. You’re hungry at 3am? No problem, just head down the street and get yourself some noodles or chicken feet (very popular in China).  If you’re lucky you will jump into stand with flat bread, baked right after you order it, in tubular oven on charcoal, served with your choice of hot pepper spread.

OK, you’re well fed and rested. Now lets head up to the shopping paradise located near Luohu checkpoint. If you take the subway you can get or on Huaqiang, Huaquiang Noth or Hongli Rd. All there three stations are connected by the longest underground shopping mall in China. Not enough? Take the stairs and get out, but be careful not the get lost. On the ground and “in the sky” there are shopping malls with anything you can imagine. Three to eight floors shopping malls, offering anything from tiny electronic components, copy phones, cosmetics, toys, clothes, hand bags, shoes, suits (bespoke made of course) and on, and on , and on………………

My advice? Don’t spend all your vacation in the endless shopping spree and go explore some of the endless history this country has to offer…..

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by M.Hojka

Kochi India

July 10, 2018 in Blog

So you are planning trip to India?

So was I, after all the cons I was considering and finally decided to go to Kochi. The flight From Coimbatore, when I thought I’ll die in a plane crash was thanks to God short but I still think the pilot was newbie still figuring out the plane J

When finally landed, I was pleasantly surprised by the people.  Such friendly responses I wasn’t expecting along with the food and historic touch I’ve found. As there live side by side Hindu, Christians, Muslims and Jews, you can taste mixture of the cultures and their food. Little turndown was the everywhere present dirt and trash, including the sea which I felt sorry for, but I know they’re trying to do their best to keep the sea clean as much as possible.

If you decide to visit, make sure you find spice warehouse where you can buy all kinds of fresh and exotic spices. Do not buy from small sellers on the street as they will rip you off and you will most likely buy not fresh goods.

If you decide on hiring Tuk tuk with local guide (mine guide was Malik J) make sure he takes you to see the local laundry, as it is almost unbelievable experience considering the time we live in.

Anyway, my suggestion is do not listen to people who tell you not to explore India at all as you will most likely fall in love with it as did I.

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by M.Hojka

South Bohemia “Red Hill”

July 10, 2018 in Blog

This past weekend we have decided to explore the South Bohemian region a bit. We have rented a rustic old house in tiny village called Cerveny Vrch, which translated means The Red Hill.

I wasn’t able to find out the history of the name, perhaps it could have something to do with the approximate distance from the nuclear power plant Temelin.

There are many nearby historic sites, castles, mansions and many natural types of scenery.

We have decided on short scenic walk thru the woods towards Tyn nad Vltavou, which is ancient city going back to 11th century between the Vltava and Luznice rivers. Since sitting on river, there are several choices of taking boat trip to explore the water routes some leading toward the interesting sceneries of chateau Mitrowitz or Hluboka.

As I’m a big beer lover, we have skipped the boats and head forward small brewery called” Pivovarsky Dvur Lipan”, which goes back to 1622. Theirs craft beer is a tasty, smooth and delight which you can only get at the brewery as their production is very limited.

Refreshed with great beer and snacks, we have continued to lookout “Vysoky Kamyk”  which is 46m high tower offering beautiful lookouts to surrounding areas. This is one of the spot of trigonometrical and also astronomic-geodetic nets, belonging to distinctive geodetic basis of Czech Republic. In the WWII was the tower used for connecting the Wehrmacht armies.

With the sunset we have returned to our house and enjoyed the evening by warming fire, enjoying the local beer and nice homemade dinner.

We’ll be back soon South Bohemia…………