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Travel to Xian, China

September 15, 2019 in Blog

Xian is in China’s fertile lowlands. It is most famous for the discovery in 1974 of the Terracotta Warriors, and is one of the world’s greatest archaeological sites. This city is home to one of China’s largest mosques and has been inhabited for over 6000 years.

Xian is probably the central most important city in Chinese history and so it is most famous for the large number of historic sites, and museums that outline the rich history of the area. Many dynasties both started and fell from this city.

There are five main museums in Xian. The Forest of Stele was setup during the Tang Dynasty and in 1090 during the Song Dynasty was turned into a Confucian temple. This museum now holds the oldest collection of steles in china. A stele is a stone that is stood upright and has been inscribed with calligraphy. There is so many of these steles that it is referred to as a forest!

Mentioned earlier in this article was the Terracotta Warriors. Well the Mausoleum of Qin Shi Huang and the Museum of the Qin Terracotta Figures display artifacts from the Qin dynasty including the terracotta warriors. The mausoleum was in fact an underground palace and it is said that 700,000 people worked on its construction of 36 years. The vaults where discovered between 1974 and 1976. In 1979 the actual museum was constructed and the artifacts where put on display.

The three remaining museums that are of interest to tourists are the Big Goose Pagoda, The Small Goose Pagoda, and the Banpo Museum. The Big, Goose and Small Goose temples where built around 653 and 707 AD respectively and feature artifacts from the Buddhist monks and their scriptures. The Banpo museum was built in 1954 to cover and protect the site of five excavations and occupying an area of 33,400 square feet.

Needless to say, Xian is an ideal place for those interested in the rich history of China to visit. Anyone wishing to plan tours or vacations to Xian would be well advised to consult with a travel agent in order to ensure they get the most out of their visit.

Amazing Beaches in Jamaica

September 25, 2018 in Blog


Jamaica is the third largest island in the Caribbean, located just south of Cuba. Jamaican hospitality is well known all over the world. As well, the island is famous for rum, music, coffee and many picturesque beaches. There are many beaches near Jamaica. You can visit some Jamaican beaches during your Jamaica tours.

The beaches in Jamaica are amazing and worth visiting. Some major Jamaican beaches are DoctorÆs Cave Beach, Seven Mile Beach, Boston Bay Beach, Treasure Beach, Cornwall Beach, Fairy Hill Beach, Hellshire Beach, James Bond Beach and Mallards Beach. On the beaches of Jamaica, you can laze around in the rich sunlight, can observe the unending sea or can taste a sip of unusual hot drinks. Resting on the sunny sands is always a nice experience.

Tourists can enjoy various beach activities on the beaches of Jamaica. You can have water sailing, windsurfing, parasailing and scuba diving on these beaches. All the beaches serve as a haven for swimmers and adventure lovers. Deep-water fishing facility is also available on some of the beaches. Location of the beaches is so charming and gorgeous that you will forget everything while observing the glory of the nature here.

Ocho Rios is one of the popular Jamaican beaches. The beach is famous for Blue Mountains, the kingdom of flora and fauna. The mountains are full with dense plantations of coffee and you can taste here the world famous coffee during your visit. Mallard beach is another beautiful beach in this region, which is sited in the center of Ocho Rios. The beach is surrounded by many hotels. The specialty of this beach is that the beach is untouched by modern civilization; therefore, it is the perfect place getting away from the workloads of daily life.

Grande Beach is an eye-catching community beach on Jamaica’s rich shores. The beach is not far from the colonized areas of Jamaica, yet the people do not heavily occupy it. The scenery of Grande Beach increases the gory of it.

Boston Bay Beach is located near Port Antonio. The beach is known for white sands, plain waters and grand jerk pork stands. This beach has the biggest waves in Jamaica, and you can hire surfboards here to enjoy surfing. Cornwall Beach is one of the most famous Jamaican beaches.

The beach is located near the Montego Bay and it is surrounded by smooth, pasty, sugary sand. DoctorÆs Cave Beach is famous for five-mile stretch of fair sand. Water of the sea is easygoing and suitable for swimming. The beach houses some changing rooms and a bar and it is one of the perfect spots to enjoy vacation with your family.

Negril beaches are famous for many reasons. Seven Mile Beach is the major attraction of Negril. This picturesque beach is extended 7-miles beside the west coast and golden sands cover it. The beach is suitable for the whole family to enjoy various beach activities. Yet there are some nudist patches where you will find all the tourists naked.

Thus, Jamaican beaches are full off various beach activities and one should not miss them while visiting the islands of West Indies.

Ukraine Travel

September 16, 2018 in Blog

Many people look for more unusual places to go on vacation these days and countries from the former Soviet block are increasingly popular. The Ukraine is recommended for people with a sense of adventure who enjoy beautiful scenery and interesting cities. Ukraine travel offers mountains, coastal resorts, a fascinating history and friendly people. Visas are not usually required for people from most countries going on vacation purposes. Foreign languages are not widely spoken, with the exception of some Hungarian, so it’s a good idea to take a Ukraine phrase book.

Part of the fun of embarking on Ukraine travel is trying out the local dishes, which have a reputation for being very tasty. Menus are not usually translated and so be prepared for some surprises! Traditional dishes include Borsch Soup, which is made from beetroot. Other specialties include potato pancakes and dumplings with various fillings. The local drink is vodka or brandy, particularly the local Horika, which is vodka flavored with pepper. It is important to by alcoholic beverages from supermarkets or liquor stores as some dangerous fake drinks are sold elsewhere.

The capital city of Kiev is an ancient city with many historic attractions. The Boryspil International Airport is a busy landing place for tourists and the city is easy to explore by taxi, bus, metro or tram. There is also a funicular ride that gives spectacular views. Visitors can take a boat cruise to the Black Sea during the summer.

Khreschatyk Street is the main thoroughfare in the city center and has a vibrant atmosphere with several street entertainers performing for the crowds. The oldest surviving church is St. Sophia’s Cathedral, some of which dates back to the 11th century. The Pecherska Lavra is also well worth a visit on a Ukraine travel itinerary. This 11th century cave housed a monastery and underground church. Today, it caters for tourists and contains a museum, detailing the history of the cave and its inhabitants.

Odessa is another city, popular with tourists. It is one of the largest ports, serving the Black Sea and has a charming Old Town. It is a favorite resort amongst Ukrainian people as well as foreigners on Ukraine travel. There are many museums, galleries and parks. One of the most notable buildings in the city is the old opera house.

The Crimea, in the southern district of the Ukraine offers beach resorts and beautiful coastal, mountainous areas. Accommodation is inexpensive on the coast and the mountains are popular with backpackers, attracted to the many hiking trails. There are only a few camping sites however, so trips in this region must be well planned.

Philippine Travel: When and Where?

September 15, 2018 in Blog

When you’re about to embark on a journey to the Philippines, the two most important questions to ask is when and where? If you’re traveling to the Philippines, do be aware that the experiences you’re about to encounter is unlike anything you’d encounter anywhere else in the world. Each and every country has its own unique experience to offer you and when you travel to the Philippines, you should expect the same.

When is it best to travel to the Philippines?

Are you allergic to rain? If so, it would do you good to avoid traveling to this part of Southeast Asia during the months of June till November as that’s when the occasional typhoon or two makes time to visit the Philippines. Traveling during the rainy season of the Philippines can be quite a hassle, especially if you don’t have a car. But if you do, you could expect smaller crowds to contend with as most people tend to stay indoors.

If you’re unable to take the heat and still be merry, then you should not travel to the Philippines during the months of March till May because that’s officially the summer season of the country. Everyone heads for the nearest beach so if you don’t want to feel crowded when you’re sunbathing, set your travel date for another time of the year. The Easter season is always busy for everyone in the Philippines so expect a difficult time on reserving transportation when it’s Holy Week.

If you’re on the lookout for the world-famous fiestas that only the Philippines could offer, schedule your travel date for January, May or December. The flower season of Baguio described as the summer capital of the Philippines because of its perennially cool weather is something to look forward to. And then there’s the Santacruzan during May and which each and every town parades its most beautiful residents in a walk around town.

Where in the Philippines is it best to travel to?

There are so many types of places to visit in the Philippines that it’s hard to enumerate each and every one of them. Beaches, however, are one of the most favorite travel spots of the country so if you want to enjoy your stay in a beautiful paradise of clear blue green water and cool white sand, you could check out Tali Beach, the world-famous Boracay or try surfing the secluded beaches of Surigao and La Union.

Travel to the Philippines: The Prized Archipelago

September 11, 2018 in Blog

Somewhere in Southeast Asia between the Philippine Sea and the East China Sea, east of Vietnam, south of Taiwan and just north of Indonesia, lies a much neglected but historically and ecologically prized archipelago known as the Philippines. This understated cluster of 7,107 islands is the perfect tropical getaway balanced with just enough colonial cultural intrigue and undulating urban energy to keep you going. Despite the country’s somewhat turbulent recent history, the Philippines has reached a level of stability making no better time than now to travel the wonders of the island-nation.

Colonial Legacy, Indigenous Heritage
The first western encounter with the Philippines occurred when Spain’s Ferdinand Magellan arrived in 1521, initiating over 300 years of Spanish colonization. A tremendous amount of today’s Filipino population is a fraction Spanish, although a negligible number of residents are completely Spanish. The United States took over colonization in 1899 until the Japanese invasion of the strategic islands during World War II. Following Japanese defeat, the Philippines received its independence in 1946. American cultural and military influence still permeates through island culture, although the last U.S. military base has finally been closed. Original human settlement in the region began about thirty thousand years ago when people crossed then-existing land bridges from Asia. Malaysian and Indonesian settlers joined the fray a few thousand years later to constitute a most interesting blend of semi-indigenous cultures still present in the Philippines today. Direct descendents of the first arrivals currently live in the northern province of Zambales.

A Pocketful of Paradise
The nation is divided into three main regions, each with its own metropolitan hub and particular points of interest. Luzon to the north is the most populated region, with the expansive capital city Manila as its main destination. Travel farther north to Banaue where a spectacle of rice terraces had been etched up along the hillside by the Ifugao tribespeople over 2000 years ago. Also, don’t miss the truly isolating beauty of Hundred Islands National Park where you may just find a beach all to yourself, as there are literally hundreds to choose from. The central region of Visayas is mostly smaller island clusters and famous for Boracay Island’s White Beach and surrounding resort and aquatic activity areas. Make sure to explore the island’s less crowded, but just as white-and-turquoise beaches. The southernmost region of Mindanao is home to Davao, the largest city in the world by land area, and the stately Mount Apo, the Philippine’s tallest mountain. Enjoy a thrilling river rafting trip in Cagayan de Oro or get back to basic Filipino life in the Tiruray Highlands where the remote shores of Lake Sebu are peacefully inhabited by the T’boli tribe.

While the Getting’s Good
With nearly 40,000 kilometers of coastline, a fantasy-like landscape of tropical greenery, and world-class cities offering world-class cuisine and lifestyle, it’s hard to imagine that this puddle-jump in Southeast Asia will remain a secret for long. See for yourself why the Philippines is one of the last remaining gems of biodiversity and indigenous culture in this ever-growing region of the world!