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by Garry

Planning To Travel To New Zealand?

September 19, 2018 in Blog

Beauty of Nature found in New Zealand. Many of us have always dreamed of planning a visit down under. Traveling through countries like New Zealand can be an eye opening and interesting experience for everyone. It is something that requires a lot of planning and a lot of thought, so you should be sure that you are up to the task of the planning before you begin.

Try to imagine outside areas that are completely different from anything that you have ever seen before. This is what is awaiting you in New Zealand. The best thing that you can do while planning a trip to this country is to get ready to be outdoors.

One of the things that you can discover while in New Zealand is the Maori culture. This is a big part of life in New Zealand. The culture came from migrations by Polynesians about 700 years ago. This is 200 years before the European history even really begins. Most of the names of the places, the arts, and the architectures in New Zealand come from this culture, and reflect how they have shaped a society around it.

There are many places in New Zealand where you can learn about the historical significances that happened. In Waitangi, there is much to learn about a treaty that happened to change all of the courses of history for New Zealand forever. There is also much to learn about the gold rush in Otago, because this city still displays many of the relics of the country-wide gold rush that changed the face of New Zealand. Also, in Napier, there is much to learn about the Art Deco architecture, which only came about because of the city’s almost total destruction by an earthquake in 1931.

One of the greatest things about traveling in New Zealand is simply hearing the stories that are told in every city and town. You should be confidant to ask questions of anyone you see, regarding the sties to see, the different buildings or monuments, or the statutes. The people of New Zealand are extremely friendly and love to spend time talking to other people who have come to visit their country. They love to teach others about their land, and will always find time to answer your questions as a tourist.

Being outdoors in nature is the best way to experience New Zealand and all that it has to offer. You should be prepared to spend much of your time outdoors, because there are scenic displays like you have never seen before. What other country allows you to swim with beautify wildlife and also to walk a glacier in the same day? Ocean life, wildlife, and weather all give you excellent shows that you will never forget.

by Garry

EagleRider Revolutionizes Motorcycle Travel

September 13, 2018 in Blog

If you enjoy your independence when you travel or just want to try something different on your next vacation, consider a motorcycle tour.

EagleRider, a leading motorcycle rental company, is paving the way for a revolution in the way enthusiasts travel. EagleRider’s self-drive tours are to generate a buzz within the industry as result of their dramatic growth since conception.

EagleRider does all the planning and provides all the gear, leaving travelers the freedom to marvel at the scenery and experience the trill of adventure on the road alone or with the company of their own friends and family. More than 100 self-drive tours are available out of every EagleRider location.

Companies like EagleRider are springing up everywhere and are more than just motorcycle rental or tour organizations. They are complete travel and concierge service companies tailored for the motorcycle market. EagleRider offers the personal service of an in-house trip planner, with customized itineraries focusing on the most majestic motorcycle touring routes.

EagleRider’s self-drive tour customers rent a late-model motorcycle, stay at first-rate accommodations and receive a personalized road book designed with everything a rider would need, including mapped routing, restaurant suggestions and interesting stops along the way.

Round-the-clock roadside assistance and motorcycle concierge services come standard with an EagleRider rental, and customers can choose to have a GPS navigation system installed with their personal trip routing for ease of travel.

“Being able to leave a blustery winter in Omaha, go to Southern California and rent a motorcycle for a ride to Cabo is absolutely wonderful,” said Joe Ricketts, chairman and founder of Ameritrade. “EagleRider provides truly great service.”

Motorcycle travel will never be the same again thanks to companies like EagleRider, who make amazing, hassle-free vacations their priority.