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Effective Pattaya Travel Guide

January 18, 2019 in Blog

Thailand is the place where many people would love to go to. Due to its warm climate and beautiful natural resource, such as mountaineer geography in the north, and coastal beach in the east and the south. We are going to look at the eastern region, which Pattaya city is located. You may have heard a bit or have been there before if you had a chance to visit Thailand. It is the place where a lot of tourist would like to visit and it has millions of visitors each year. This is due to its beautiful beach and night life which give people endless enjoyable activities.

However, for someone who want to visit Thailand or Pattaya at the first time, they may want to visit some information resource that provide info about Pattaya travel guide and there are a lot of websites provide comprehensive information such as the website of Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) or you may want to visit can also be used as a information reference.

Even though Pattaya gain it reputations from its beach and night life but there are also many tourist attractions that tourist could have activity with. For example, there has been an fish aquarium that recently opened and this aquarium is the largest in Southeast Asia region. Apart from that, you can enjoy activities like rock climbing, hiking or even just ordinary relaxing on the beach.

Hotel accommodation in Pattaya also offers excellent service. You can find wide range of hotel types available for all of budget availability. Top luxurious hotels provide very private environment and services so you can be sure that your holiday will not be disturbed. Massage and beauty service in Pattaya are also gain reputation, particularly traditional Thai massage and facial therapy massage in Thai ancient style, which you will experience of using traditional Thai herbs to cure disease through elaborated massage method.

Pattaya is divided into three different parts; North Pattaya, Central Pattaya and South Pattaya. Each area has unique characteristics such as beach and travel attraction. North Pattaya is close to other attractions near by such as Sila Village where produce mortars or if you would like to enjoy city life and beautiful beaches, you have to visit Central Pattaya.

People and environment in Pattaya are also very pleasant. Even though it is a place that has more urban area than suburb area but there still be a good environment and very less of pollution. People are also very friendly and always willing to help all of the tourists.

Even though there are a lot of travel guide for Pattaya available on the internet, some in Thai and some in English language, but you have to compare all the detail with two or three different websites and choose the most update and reliable one. Otherwise you may get the wrong or out of date information. And as a result you may get lost or miss some important information that may lead you to trouble during the visit and you will find that you have to return to this place once again.

Travel to Suzhou, China

December 31, 2018 in Blog

Suzhou is one of the most beautiful cities in China and probably one of the most historically significant cities in the country. The metro area including the city itself is home to over 6.9 million people. The major language spoken in the city is Wu, a Chinese dialect. The city is very much like Venice where the streets and canals are winding, and intertwined. The city is famous for its vast gardens and offers quite a variety of sites for the tourist to explore.

The gardens alone can be traced back to 6 BC and all these gardens have been beautifully maintained in their original splendor and glory. The four top gardens to see in the city are Canglang Pavilion (Blue Wave Pavilion), Lingering Garden, Humble Administrator’s Garden and Lion Grove Garden. The garden of Master of Nets is one of the best examples of a small to medium size garden and is also well worth a visit.

The water townships of Suzhou are another interesting set of places to visit. The ancient homes and the lovely views are unlike anything a tourist will have ever seen anywhere else. Three of the most beautiful water townships are Zhouzhuang, Tongli Town, and Luzhi. All are beautiful and once again well worth a visit.

Along with the water townships and gardens Suzhou has a number of other tourist attractions. The Panmen Scenic Area, Water and land city gates, Wumen Bridge, and the Suzhou Amusement Park represent just a few of the huge number of sites that may be if interest to the exploring tourist.

The last major items of interest to most tourists are the famous temples located in the Suzhou area. The Temple of Mystery and the Xiyuan Temple are probably the two most popular tourist destinations though there are many others as well.

The Suzhou area has a vast amount to see and do. It is very rich in Chinese history and well worth the time spent visiting the gardens, temples, and water townships that it has to offer. When planning a trip to China do make sure that the Suzhou area is on your list of things to do.

Angkor Wat and Bayon Temple

August 30, 2018 in Blog

If you asked about the largest religious monument in the world, the answer must be Angkor Wat in Cambodia, and the temple is adorable due to its extensive Bas-reliefs and also for the numerous devatas-guardian spirits-adorning its walls.

Speaking about the cause of this temple name, you will see that Angkor comes from Nagara that means city or capital, while Wat means temple, so the meaning of Angkor Wat is “city temple”, and it was built early in the 12th century for the king Suryavarman II, in order to be his state temple.

A Portuguese monk called Antonio da Magdalena was one of the first western visitors to the temple in 1586, and he described the greatness of the temple saying, “is of such extraordinary construction that it is not possible to describe it with a pen, it has towers and decoration and all the refinements which the human genius can conceive”.

Angkor Wat is a magnificent monument which has stood the trials of time itself. Words cannot summarize this beautiful temple carved in stone. And the precise layout is unimaginable of the times it was built in. I highly recommend visiting Angkor Wat at sunrise, it will be busy with many tourists but the views of the sun coming up behind the temples is something not to be missed. Food is expensive inside the temple area, make sure you take your breakfast with yourself.

At the center of this capital city ”Angkor Wat”, a richly decorated and well-known Khmer temple was constructed, and it is called Bayon Temple. Bayan Temple a marvel of ancient engineering is on display for all to see. The multitude smiling stone faces on the many towers, which jut out from the upper terrace and cluster around its central peek, are the most distinctive features of this unique temple. It is the temple of many Buddha faces. Everywhere you go there are countless Buddha’s faces and they are all look different.

At one point Bayon Temple had 49 towers within the complex and approximately 200 faces. The smiles represented happiness, sadness, charm and beauty. Bayon Temple complex was built at the end of the 12th century or nearly 100 years after Angkor Wat. Bayon Temple is located in the Angkor Thom complex, and can be visited on the same ticket as Angkor Wat.

While visiting Bayon Temple, take your time to admire the beauty of this amazing temple. The best time to take photos would be in the afternoon. Single day ticket to Angkor Wat and other surrounding temples will cost you $37.00, a three-day ticket will cost you $62.00 and a seven-day ticket will be $72.00. The basic rule is when visiting temples in Angkor Wat complex is long pants and shirts that cover shoulders. Angkor Wat was voted number one travel destination by Lonely Planet. It is a must see destination!