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Planning a cruise of a lifetime? Looking for a beach holiday? You scour the net and you realize that there are more than one million travel blogs out there. Look no further. YoTravellers has made life easier for you. YoTravellers is the one-stop shop where most of the travel blogs in cyberspace can be found out at YoTravellers. At the click of a button. YoTravellers – the one-stop travel information center.

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We are a one-stop shop whereby all travel blogs out there (one million and counting) can find a place in our website. Our website gives you easy access to the travel blogs in cyberspace, helping you make informed decisions on the best value-for-money holidays anywhere throughout the world.

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Hamburg Isn't Too Famous for Hamburgers, But That's OK!

Initially, I thought that Hamburg, Germany would be hamburger paradise on my first visit to the city. Considering that the word hamburger has Hamburg in its name, it’s right to assume. After all, Danish pastries are a staple of Denmark, Gruyere cheese is named after the Swiss town Gruyere (what a surprise) and buffalo wings are Buffalo, New York’s pride and joy. But, Hamburg, instead, lacks the in-your-face mouthwatering burger joints you’d expect it to have at every corner. It’s not like Rome or Venice when it comes to food. Here, touristy pizza and pasta restaurants try to entice you everywhere. So, why doesn’t Hamburg market the hamburger like Italian cities do with their famous foods? The answer is—the hamburger was most likely invented in the United States and not Germany. The term hamburger actually does derive from Hamburg—similar to how frankfurter derives from Frankfurt. This is because it still played a part in giving the hamburger its name, but not really in its creation. In the 17th century, Russians introduced recipes for steak tartare to the port of Hamburg, which was one of the largest and most important ports in Europe during this era. Due to the European colonization of the Americas, immigrants to this port often shared their recipes with each other. When European immigrants sailed from Hamburg to the US, they took this steak tartare recipe with them. Further on, in the 19th century, the “Hamburg steak” then became a popular menu item of many restaurants in New York City’s port. Later, what we know as the hamburger evolved from there. Another reason for Hamburg’s lack of hamburger-related market is because it’s not a touristy city—at least not yet. Rome and Venice know how to cater to their tourists and understand that food is part of the overall travel experience. Hamburg is still up and coming and still has a long way to go to up its tourism game. However, don’t get me wrong! There are still amazing places to see and eat at in this hip and modern German port city. There are burger restaurants here that are actually really freaking good! They’re just not so in-your-face and touristy, but that’s always great for budget travellers anyway. Try the city’s Burger Lab or Burgerlich for some really good pub fare. You’ll find that these burgers definitely live up to Hamburg’s name after all.    

Travelling in a Group? Know Your Travel Style!

Travelling solo is definitely different from travelling with a group of friends. What do I prefer? —the company, of course! Group travel lets you socialize, make memories with friends and share ridiculous fun together. But although it can be tons of fun, it’s important to know your travelling style. This type of knowledge will help you determine the best type of group to travel with and how to avoid conflicts with your travel peers. Whether you’re high-energy and into touristy sights and museums, or simply like to relax on beaches and green mountain tops, it’s important to communicate your interests to your friends. Have a group meeting to discuss activities that you like and don’t like to do when planning your itinerary. If you already know the people well that you’re travelling with, you probably won’t have too many issues. When my boyfriend and I travel, for example, I never get frustrated with our travel plans. We both have a relaxed style of travelling and obviously know each other very well. That definitely helps a lot! When we travel, we usually like to go to one or two touristy sights, stop in bars or cafés to have a few drinks and we always like to eat lots of food—it’s one of the most important parts of our travel experience. Other people, more than often, don’t have this same travelling style. I noticed this when I visited Bordeaux, France twice last year. Bordeaux is a city in the southwest of France located in a region known for producing some of the best wine in all of Europe. When my boyfriend and I visited here, we definitely took things slow to fully immerse ourselves in Bordeaux’s local culture and atmosphere. Because we’re foodies, we focused mainly on trying lots of the local cuisine. We indulged in charcuterie plates, Tibetan cuisine, crepes, entrecotes, duck and lots of rich Bordeaux red wine. We did relaxing activities with a few French friends, like walking along the Garonne River, visiting a nearby beach, drinking wine and going to a live music show. It was a very relaxing trip without any set plans. When I went to Bordeaux a second time, it was the complete opposite. This time, I visited the city with my best friend and her two friends. I saw parts of the city that I never even witnessed with my boyfriend on this very fast-paced trip. We went into a Gothic church, walked down the bustling shopping street, Rue St. Catherine, browsed a flea market in St. Michel square, spent time in a cultural museum and went to a few wine bars. Since we were here during the winter we also visited Bordeaux’s Christmas market a few times, which was a spectacular spectacle of lights, food and gifts. At the end of the trip, I was exhausted, but grateful. This time around, I got to know Bordeaux a little bit better than before and developed a new appreciation for the sites of the city. However, I did have to adapt to another travelling style that I wasn’t necessarily used to. I think my ideal Bordeaux trip would have involved something in the middle of these two different travelling styles. I like relaxed travel because in my view, you really get to live like a local. But, fast-paced travel is also great if you want to see amazing sites of a city in a short period of time. Remember, no one’s travelling style is the same, so make sure you communicate with your group of friends about which type of travel suits you best. Planning your next trip soon? Take this quiz to find out!


Hunza is a beautiful mountainous region located at the extreme northern part of Pakistan. Its borders meet with Afghanistan and China. Hunza valley has captivated tourist from around the world. Every tourist finds something unique to cherish. Whether it’s the surroundings or the welcoming people, Hunza has non-in its comparison. So, if you are planning to visit this heavenly place make sure to not miss the following places: 1. BALTIT FORT Top on the list is the century Old Baltit Fort. This architectural beauty is now a museum and holds a lot of antiques used by the ancient civilizations. Traditional events such as Bofao and Ginani are also held at the fort. It is a beautiful site both day and night. 2. ALTIT FORT We may need a whole book to tell the history of Altit Fort. It’s historically rich and eye-popping beautiful. Especially the beautiful walkway garden of cherries and apricot. It gives you a feeling that you have entered wonderland the only thing missing is to see the fairies flying. 3. EAGLE NEST HUNZA To get a birds-eye view of the whole valley. Eagle nest mountain is the place. It is the highest peak of Hunza. One has to be a professionally trained to climb such a high peak. It is surrounded by two other most beautiful and famous peaks. One is the ladyfinger peak and the other is Rakaposhi peak. The rest of the places include Attabad lake, Passu, and rush lake. Each equally breathtaking and peaceful. It’s a perfect spot for vacations. Let us know about your visit to Hunza and places you loved most but if you are planning don’t miss our top 3.