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Planning a cruise of a lifetime? Looking for a beach holiday? You scour the net and you realize that there are more than one million travel blogs out there. Look no further. YoTravellers has made life easier for you. YoTravellers is the one-stop shop where most of the travel blogs in cyberspace can be found out at YoTravellers. At the click of a button. YoTravellers – the one-stop travel information center.

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We are a one-stop shop whereby all travel blogs out there (one million and counting) can find a place in our website. Our website gives you easy access to the travel blogs in cyberspace, helping you make informed decisions on the best value-for-money holidays anywhere throughout the world.

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Tallinn- The Estonian Fairytale-looking City

Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, is one of the most fairytale-looking European cities. It is one of the favorite destinations of tourists that visit Baltic countries where the Baltic cruisers take breaks in the period from May to September. Only a few hours of visiting are enough for experiencing a real medieval atmosphere in this Baltic’s pearl. The good thing is that the port is very close to the city center. It is located just 800 meters from the entrance to the city fort from the Middle Ages through the famous Viru Gate. The greater part of the city is converted into pedestrian zones and is not allowed for traffic. Through the Old Town, you can find trams, tourist Hop-on / hop-off" buses, and cheap taxi, so it is convenient to take a tour through the city even when it rains. Most of the sights can be visited in just one day. I suggest you visiting the Seaplane Harbor Maritime Museum that is settled on the very edge of the fortified old port. The central point is the main town square, Raekoja Plats, where you can find a beautiful Gothic townhouse and old pharmacy building. The streets are narrow and curved, paved with cobblestones, while the colorful houses of old and wealthy Hanseatic traders are covered with spherical and steep roofs, sprinkled with fairytale towers, bells, and domes of churches. From the Tompe hill, on the southwestern edge of the Old Town, there is an impressive fortress where today is the Estonian government located. In addition to it, the Cathedral is dedicated to the Virgin Mary from the 13th century. The Kadriorg Park is certainly worth visiting and it’s located out of the Old Town. Here you’ll find the Baroque Palace Kadriorg which was built by the Russian Empress Katarina I.

Avoid Travel Diseases In Mexico

A trip to Mexico is often an exhilarating experience. There are many different sites that are exclusive to Mexico. Such sites include Mexico's pristine beaches, various archaeological sites, and countless others. One common unfortunate experience while in Mexico, however, is the contraction of Montezuma's Revenge, also known as Traveler's Diarrhea. Fortunately, there are four ways to prevent it. It is important for all travelers to understand and be aware of all potential travel diseases. Montezuma's Revenge affects nearly fifty percent of all global travelers, who visit third world countries each year. This disease is caused by an infection in the digestive tract by the e.coli bacteria. Typical symptoms of this disease include increased weight, volume, and frequency of stool, nearly twelve loose stools a day, cramps in the abdomen, nausea, vomiting, bloating, and fever. When serious, this disease can lead to hospitalization. The most effective treatment for this particular disease is only time itself. The first step to prevent begins with avoiding the water. Drinking the tap water is often times only safe for the citizens of that country because their digestive tracts are already attuned to the bacteria present in the water. It is foolish to think that you have the same digestive strengths as the locals who live there on a regular basis. If drinking the tap water is the only means for water, then you must boil it first for at least ten minutes. Even simple acts as brushing your teeth require the use of completely bacteria free water. Other precautions that travels should take are to avoid salads at restaurants and pre-opened bottles of water for these are easy ways for small amounts of tap water to enter your body. The only way to completely protect yourself is to do everything yourself. Although cumbersome, this process means that all fruits consumed must be washed with bottled water by you and all restaurant food must be cooked in some form before consumed. It is simply not enough to inquire about the food handling process at each restaurant. One of the easiest ways to prevent contracting Montezuma's Revenge is to not eat from any street vendor. Although the temptation of cheap, local food might tempt you to purchase it, this food is probably the most dangerous you can consume. You have no idea how the food was prepared or even if cooked thoroughly. This food must be avoided at all costs. The final prevention method is to avoid places that serve rewarmed food. Unfortunately, rewarming food doesn't kill bacteria in fact, bacteria forms as food cools. Thus any rewarmed food is an almost guarantee for sickness. Here are a few recapped tips that can help you prevent any holiday illness. When traveling, some safe items are food that is freshly prepared and served hot, meat that is cooked well done, fruits only handled by you, bread and baked goods, hot beverages, bottled water, and canned food or drinks. Avoid tap water, local ice, cold salads, buffets, food by vendors or any rewarmed food. A trip to Mexico can be very enjoyable and the best way to ensure that is to stay healthy with these simple travel tips.

THINGS TO DO IN LONDON – A Complete Guide for a Perfect Vacation

When in London, Do Not Miss out These Things to Do If you are going to London for a tour, then my friend, you are one of those 27 million visitors who visit this dream destination every year. But wait! Are you really aware of the things to do in London? Check out this article and get assured for the same completely. London City has about 100 theatres, 80 parks, and four international airports there is a lot of things to do in London. Here in this article, I’ll tell you about the finest things that you can do in a city like London; including the best places to visit, a major attraction to look out for, and many more. So, let’s explore the best things to do in London: 1.) Westminster Westminster is home to the ‘Houses of Parliament’ and the world-famous ‘Big Ben’. It is also considered as the political hub of London. If you are in London, then make a visit to Westminster and ensure to find Westminster Abbey here, which is mostly open for the public throughout the year. You can also find several shopping hubs down the street that offers exciting stuff representing the city’s culture. 2.) London Eye Without visiting the iconic ‘London Eye’, your trip to London would remain incomplete. London Eye is a giant Ferris wheel that offers gorgeous views across the city. Visiting London during the time of New Year will allow you to see London Eye as a centrepiece of city's annual New Year's fireworks display. 3.) Soho Soho is one of the most popular nightlife spots with a number of jazz bars, theatres, and restaurants to explore, making it a cultural hotspot. If you like to enjoy a stage show or a few drinks after a play, then Soho is a great place for you to visit indeed. You can find the charm of Soho even during the daytime as well. Stop for a coffee and pastry on Old Compton Street for a perfect dining experience here at Soho. 4.) Shoreditch One of the coolest places to stay and the hottest nightlife spot in London is Shoreditch. If you are a true fan of bars and eateries and loves to enjoy pop culture, then Shoreditch is the perfect place for you to spend your evening. Here you can also visit the ‘Blues Kitchen’ for a blues night accompanied by American staples and sticky ribs. 5.) Thames Cruise If you want to see the lifeblood of London, Thames River is the place for you to visit. There are numerous companies that offer cruises across the Thames. These cruises run from several key locations in every 30 minutes. Through the cruises, you can experience sightseeing of various attractions such as; the London Eye, the Houses of Parliament, Tower Bridge, etc. 6.) Baker Street Baker Street is best known as the street that Arthur Conan Doyle’s infamous detective ‘Sherlock Holmes’ lived on. It is also one of the best cultural staples of London. You can find the famous wax museum, Madame Tussauds around the corner of the Baker Street. Here you can click pictures with your favourite celebrities. 7.) The O2 Originally created for the celebration of the millennium, the O2 today is an ideal spot to hang out. The O2 arena also hosts various exhibitions and hands-on activities, especially for the children. So, if you are an adventure lover, then try to reach the top of the O2 for a wonderful adventurous experience. There you can take the Emirates Air Line to experience a thrilling and unique sight of the London city. So, these are some of the best things to do in London. Hope your journey to London becomes remarkable.