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Planning a cruise of a lifetime? Looking for a beach holiday? You scour the net and you realize that there are more than one million travel blogs out there. Look no further. YoTravellers has made life easier for you. YoTravellers is the one-stop shop where most of the travel blogs in cyberspace can be found out at YoTravellers. At the click of a button. YoTravellers – the one-stop travel information center.

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We are a one-stop shop whereby all travel blogs out there (one million and counting) can find a place in our website. Our website gives you easy access to the travel blogs in cyberspace, helping you make informed decisions on the best value-for-money holidays anywhere throughout the world.

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Our Latest News

Travel to Suzhou, China

Suzhou is one of the most beautiful cities in China and probably one of the most historically significant cities in the country. The metro area including the city itself is home to over 6.9 million people. The major language spoken in the city is Wu, a Chinese dialect. The city is very much like Venice where the streets and canals are winding, and intertwined. The city is famous for its vast gardens and offers quite a variety of sites for the tourist to explore. The gardens alone can be traced back to 6 BC and all these gardens have been beautifully maintained in their original splendor and glory. The four top gardens to see in the city are Canglang Pavilion (Blue Wave Pavilion), Lingering Garden, Humble Administrator's Garden and Lion Grove Garden. The garden of Master of Nets is one of the best examples of a small to medium size garden and is also well worth a visit. The water townships of Suzhou are another interesting set of places to visit. The ancient homes and the lovely views are unlike anything a tourist will have ever seen anywhere else. Three of the most beautiful water townships are Zhouzhuang, Tongli Town, and Luzhi. All are beautiful and once again well worth a visit. Along with the water townships and gardens Suzhou has a number of other tourist attractions. The Panmen Scenic Area, Water and land city gates, Wumen Bridge, and the Suzhou Amusement Park represent just a few of the huge number of sites that may be if interest to the exploring tourist. The last major items of interest to most tourists are the famous temples located in the Suzhou area. The Temple of Mystery and the Xiyuan Temple are probably the two most popular tourist destinations though there are many others as well. The Suzhou area has a vast amount to see and do. It is very rich in Chinese history and well worth the time spent visiting the gardens, temples, and water townships that it has to offer. When planning a trip to China do make sure that the Suzhou area is on your list of things to do.

Helpful Tips For Winter Travel

We've all felt Jack Frost taking a nip at our nose, and facing Jack also means facing the harsh reality that a harsh winter promises, including the toll it's like to take on our main mode of transportation. It's common knowledge that the tempestuous winter months put our vehicles through greater stress and strain, and can often make minor imperfections into major malfunctions. With that said, experts emphasize the importance of getting your car geared up for winter well advance of the plummeting temperatures. Battery Operation: Since cold weather can be hard on batteries, checking your battery should be a top priority - Make sure connections are tight and corrosion-free and that the cables aren't lose. - Have a technician conduct a load test to further determine your battery's condition. Check Your Liquid Assets: Professionals point out the need to check your vehicles vital fluids and filters, as well as its hoses, belts, and tires. - At minimum, get oil and filter change. - Check you coolant level and make sure the water/antifreeze ration is correct. Set Your Sights On Safety: Remember, visibility is key for winter driving. - Make sure you have ample windshield-washer fluid. And make sure to always keep it topped off with proper commercial anti-freeze. - Check and double-check wipers, their condition, and how they are functioning. You can even choose to switch to winter blades as an option. - Inspect headlights, taillights, brake lights and defrosters, and make sure they are in good, working order. Interior Design: How your car operates on the inside is just as important to how it functions on the outside. - Inspect floor for cracks or holes that may allow dangerous (and toxic) exhaust gases into your vehicle. - Ensure that your heater (and defroster) are working. Check Brakes, Belts And Hoses: Make sure all are in good condition and in working order before hitting the road. - Top-off brake, clutch and transmission fluids. - Check pressure on your belts. Also check for any cracking or fraying. - Look for loose connections on hoses, as well as for unusual bulges, cracks, tears, and holes. Treading On Thin Ice: Tire pressure and tread depth affect traction in the snow and rain. - Check the inflation pressure of your tires and make adjustments according to the season and the temperature. This check, say experts, should be conducted several times a year (about twice a month). - Check your spare tire and make sure you have one. Getting Your Wheels In Motion: One of the best ways to safely get around in winter is by switching to a climate-friendly tire. - Replace current tires with tires especially designed for colder, icier conditions. - Check tread Depth. Keep in mind the shallower, the better. - Beware of studded tires. They may offer more traction in wintry weather, but can reduce traction of dry roads. Stay Attuned To Your Car's Needs: Taking care of your car means knowing what it needs and when. - Check the owner's manual for instructions on how often you'll need a general tune up, including spark plugs, ignition, coil, fuel injection, etc. and get one done just before the brunt of the winter season strikes. - Put a minimum of one coat of wax on the exterior to protect paint against the winter making it easier for snow and ice to simply slip off - Spay a lubricant (such as WD-40) in all door and trunk locks to prevent them from freezing. Winterize Your Vehicle Inside and Out: Be prepared in care of emergency - Stock and emergency kit with flashlight, flares, first-aid kid, blanket, warm clothes, gloves, hast, paper towels, snow shovel, snow brush, ice scraper, washer fluid, high energy food and water, and booster cables, and keep it in your car. - Keep some sand or other such coarse material in your car to pour under tires to assist with traction if you get stuck on ice or hard-packed snow. - ALWAYS carry your mobile phone with you and make sure it's charged. Polishing Your Safety Skills: No matter what kind of vehicle you drive or how well you maintain it, cautious driving is always recommended. - Invest in an advanced winter driving course. - Drive carefully and stay safe!

Petra- The Peaceful Oasis of the Middle East

The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is an Arab state in the Middle East. It borders with Israel, Syria, Iraq and Saudi Arabia, but despite the unstable situation in the region, Jordan is otherwise called the Peaceful Oasis of the Middle East. The situation was not so bright a few years ago when the Islamic State attacked Syria and Iraq. In that time, tourists nearly stopped visiting Jordan, but then the country managed to get on its feet and recorded approximately 433,000 tourists. Petra is certainly one the most famous tourist attractions in the country and one of the most amazing archaeological sites in the world. Its popularization has grown with the 1989 Hollywood hit, "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade," that is still being used as an inspiration for making souvenirs. The cultural status of this ancient city was confirmed after being listed on the New Seven Wonders list in 2007. The entrance to the city of Petra and the Siq Canyon should definitely be visited. The canyon leads the visitors to the most famous building of this complex - the famous Treasury (Al Khazneh). Despite the name, it served as a tomb, and its facade carved into the wall represents the symbol of Petra. The treasure is, however, only a small part of a rich archaeological site that extends to 264 km2 and testifies the power of famous Arabian Nabatean kingdom. While group guides usually visit the Treasury and the surrounding area, those who have more time and are ready for a walk can visit the spectacular "El Deir". It is otherwise known as a place of sacrifice and is ideal for viewing the surrounding panorama. As a conclusion, I only have to add that Jordan is an ancient country of special charm and incredible history. It is full of legends and traditions, rich in cultural heritage and architectural attractions. Its beautiful beaches on the Red Sea Coast and the healing waters of the Dead Sea will definitely leave anyone speechless.